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How Much do Kenya Airways Charge For the Name Change?

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier of Kenya. It has served the customers for years and provides world-class services to all its passengers. Suppose you wish to make changes in your current reservation under any given circumstances. In that case, you can contact the customer service of Kenya Airways and get the solutions to all your answers through which you can easily make changes to your reservation.  

Herein, the ways through which you can easily make changes in your Kenya Airways Reservation. As per the Kenya Airways name change policy, you can easily modify your current reservation. 

  1. First and Foremost, do visit the official site of Kenya Airways. 
  2.  Do scroll down the screen to find an option that says manage my booking. 
  3. Do mention your PNR Number, Last Name, or causes of making a change in the passenger's name.
  4. First and foremost, cancel the current reservation. Usually, many airlines do not allow you to cancel your reservation or make changes or modifications to your existing reservation. Still, you can avail their services as per the passenger's request. 
  5. The charges vary, and it entirely depends upon certain factors whether you have booked an international ticket or a domestic reservation. 
  6. Do click on the edit option and modify your existing reservation. 
  7. Then click on the submit option. Once you click on there, you get the payment option. 
  8. Payment varies in terms of flight you have chosen, destination, Number of passengers.
  9. To make changes in your name, the price would be 50 Dollars. 
  10.  The passenger has to make a payment then and there and click on the submit option. 
  11. You will quickly get the forum to make changes to your current reservation easily and get quick resolutions to all your queries. 
  12. Once you click there, you get the official mail from Kenya Airways stating that your payment is being accepted. 
  13. The modification you have made in your current reservation in your name does allow you to get the transformation in your existing reservation. 
  14.  The Kenya Airways name change fee does vary from time to time. 

As per Kenya Airways, the Kenya Airways name correction policy allows you to change your current reservation. Usually, they don't allow passengers to change their existing reservations or make changes to their names. But under exceptional circumstances or at the passenger's request, you can request Kenya Airways. They do allow you to make changes to your reservation. 

Kenya Airways Name Correction Policy. 

  1. Usually, Kenya Airways does not allow you to change the name on the ticket or transfer your ticket to your friend's members. 
  2. But under exceptional circumstances, they do allow, or even on the passenger's request, you can make changes in your current/existing reservation. 
  3. Airlines do charge as the fee will ultimately allow you to choose the passenger's type of fare. 

 The ways mentioned above will act as the guidelines through which you can easily modify your name and get the services of Kenya Airways. They do allow you to make changes to your existing reservation. 

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