American Airlines TSA PreCheck

American Airlines offers customers to enroll in the TSA Precheck program so that the travel experience is hassle-free and you can get through the security screening faster than others and skip long lines at the airport. Customers are only required to submit their basic details to add tsa precheck to existing reservations at American Airlines to get the advantage of TSA PreCheck.

How Can I add TSA Precheck to American Airlines (AA)?

You can add TSA PreCheck to American Airlines by following the steps below.

  • When making the reservation, you have to enter the passenger details where you have the field "Known traveler number."
  • You have to enter the PASSID or the KTN in the field.
  • Once the booking is complete, your boarding pass will reflect TSA Precheck when you check in for your flight.

Benefits of Adding TSA to American Airlines 

The benefits of adding TSA to American Airlines are listed below.

  • You will enjoy an expedited screening at the security checkpoints.
  • Customers save time, and they don't have to remove their shoes, lightweight jackets, belts, or liquids.

How do I add TSA PreCheck after booking in AA

You can add TSA PreCheck after booking in AA by following the steps below.

  • If you are an AAdvantage member, you can update the KTN by logging in to your account and then selecting "information and password." You have to fill in your KTN in the relevant field in the secure traveler section.
  • If you are not an AAdvantage member, you may call the customer service team to update the KTN after booking in AA.

Why is my TSA PreCheck not showing on my American Airlines boarding pass?

Your TSA PreCheck is not showing in your American Airlines boarding pass because of the reasons given below.

  • Your KTN or PASSID may not be updated on your AAdvantage account or on the reservation.
  • It may be due to a system error from the end of the airline, and it may not be reflected on the boarding pass.

How do I know if I have a TSA PreCheck on American Airlines? 

If you have a TSA PreCheck on American Airlines, it will be reflected on your boarding pass.

How do I add my TSA PreCheck number to my AA reservation? 

You can add your TSA PreCheck by visiting the official website and getting to the section "manage trips," then click "update passenger information" and add your KTN.

How do I add my KTN to American Airlines? 

You can add ktn to American airlines by entering the number in the corresponding field during the booking process.

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