How to add a student discount on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides unlimited discounts to students on all domestic and international flights for both one-way and round-trip journeys. So, if you are a student and studying at a college, university or school over the age of 12, you are authorized to get the best Turkish Airlines student discount especially. You can ask for customized Turkish Airlines privileges that provide you with safe and fast options to reach your school or destinations easily.

Learn the way to add student discount on Turkish Airlines  

If you are a student and ready to fly Turkish Airlines, you can expect special discounts and advantages with a Miles & Smiles membership. Enjoy the unique flight experience with Europe’s best sales and inclusive inflight entertainment. Hence, you can add a student discount to your Turkish ticket and get more benefits by registering for domestic and international Turkish flights.

  • First, ensure you have navigated the Turkish Airlines website and created your Miles & Smiles membership, and logged in to your account.
  • Enter the personal details define your account as a student, select the discount types, and click on the save button.
  • You will get approval for the student account from the system and be ready to enjoy the discount on Turkish Airlines privileges.
  • Get specific help for the student discount that you find after purchasing your advantageous ticket and discover the world while studying abroad.       

Get the benefit of a Student discount on Turkish Airlines:

When you create your student account on Turkish Airlines, you can expect to get a bonzer! Turkish student discount and make your flight journey perfect. Let’s find out what benefits you will get for domestic and international flights.

  • Get discount advantages of 50% off for domestic flights and up to 10% off for international flights. You may get special prices on international flights for way journeys.  
  • Being a student, you find the baggage allowance of 40 kg on international flights and get the advantage of excess baggage fees for domestic flights.
  • You will find a one-time free ticket change on international flight tickets you purchase from Turkish Airlines.
  • As a student, you will also get extra mileage, welcome miles for a new membership, and a significant student discount on Turkish Airlines easily.   

How to use a discount code on Turkish Airlines?

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