Does Play Airlines allow a carry-on?

Yes, Ply Airlines allows a carry-on only on personal items at no charge. You can carry the small object that must fit under the seat before you and make your flight journey comfortable. 

How Much carry-on size does Play Airlines Allow?

Play Airlines provides you with specific information about the play airlines carry-on size that you may take to your required destination securely. You must go through the informative points supplied by the customer representative team.

·         Personal item:

You can carry your personal item to keep the simple and light travel. You may get one personal item with maximum dimensions of 42x32x25 cm, and the weight should be 10kg, including handles and wheels that should fit under the seat.

·         Carryon luggage:

When you add one more baggage with a maximum dimension of 56x45x25 cm and the weight should be around 12kg, you have to pay the additional charges for the extra baggage allowance.

You are permitted to board the aircraft with one duty-free shopping bag and necessary medical equipment during the flight.

What are the baggage rules on Play Airlines?

When traveling with Play Airlines, you must review the play airlines check-in baggage rules to avoid unnecessary trouble during a flight journey.

  • You must read a general guide explaining that the carry-on baggage should be in length 22 inches, width 18 inches, and depth 10 inches.
  • Such dimension always includes wheels, side padlocks, handles, heavy strip, etc.
  • Maintaining the weight limitation that typically starts from 5 kg to 23 kg per bag on Paly Airlines is also essential.     

Does Play charge for Extra carry-on bags?

Yes, Play Airlines charge for extra carry-on bags when you add your extra baggage during your flight journey.

Is Play Airlines strict with baggage?

Yes, Play Airline is strict with baggage when adding extra baggage with weight and dimension. It asks for the Play Airlines baggage fees in these conditions.

How do you put a bag on play air?

You can put or add a bag on Play Air by contacting a customer service team within 1 hour before your flight. You must also be active to pay the additional charges for the extra baggage service.  

How strict is Play Airlines with personal item size?

Each passenger can bring up to three checked bags of 23 kg. If your item is too big, you have to pay penalties. You can also check your Play Airlines baggage policy for personal items to avoid unnecessary trouble and get help for your item from a customer representative

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