How much baggage is allowed on Qatar Airways?

Passengers can book the flight ticket with them directly at their website and fly to their destination. You will get the signature hospitality on the board with them to enjoy superior travel services. When you plan and reserve your flight journey with them, you need to understand the relevant allowance for baggage on board. Therefore the Qatar baggage allowance for economy, business, and first-class flight depend on the size, weight, and travel destination for the journey. For this, you can read the information below:

Hand luggage:

Apart from the checked luggage, you can carry the hand luggage in your main cabin for your destination. 

  • First and business class passengers can take up to two handbags on the board of weight not more than 15kg (33lb).
  • Economy class travelers are entitled to carry one piece bag of weight not exceeding 7kg (15lb). 
  • The maximum dimensions in the length, weight, and height of the bags can be 50x37x25cm (20x15x10in)

Checked baggage:

  • The economy light and the classic passengers can carry one piece of checked luggage of weight within 25kg (55lb)
  • The economy, convenience, and comfort passengers can take up to 35kg (77lb) of 2 pieces of bags. 
  • The Business class passengers are entitled to take two pieces of bags of weight not more than 40kg (88lb). 
  • The first class travelers can carry two bags with a maximum weight of 50kg (110lb).  
  • The maximum height, length, and width of bags must not exceed 158 cm by piece and 300 cm by weight. 
  • The single piece of bag must not exceed 32kg (70lb).

Qatar Airways' baggage policy

There are certain restrictions and rules that are mandatory for travelers to board the bags. The below-mentioned are some points of Qatar baggage allowance for international and domestic journeys. 

  • In some routes where the weight concept will apply, there will be no limitations on the number of bags. 
  • If the weight and size of your bags will exceed, they will be considered as overweight and oversized by paying the extra charge. 
  • The bags will not be irregular-shaped, round, or tied with any loose stripe or rope. 

What is the carry-on allowance on Qatar Airways?

The following details will help you to determine the guidelines on the Qatar Airways carry-on policy that is allowed on the board. 

  • If you will travel in the business or first class, you can take two bags of within 15kg (33lb) of weight. 
  • The weight of the bag will be 7kg (15lb) for the economy class travelers. 
  • The dimensions of the carry-on items can be 20x15x10in or 50x37x25cm. 
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