How many weeks pregnant can you fly Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways assures to provide good quality services and fly with safety with their passengers. If you are an expecting mother or pregnant, Qatar has special facilities for you. For your children and expecting mothers, Qatar Airways have always tried to avoid risks and facilitate the journey. There are certain types of rules and regulations that you must abide by for the travel on the airline. Go through the information below and be acquired with the said information. 

Qatar Airways Pregnancy Policies

To travel during pregnancy, there are certain guidelines that must be followed that are included in the Qatar Airways pregnancy policy. These are below: 

  • For pregnancies of 36 months or more than that, the airline doesn’t allow these mothers to travel. 
  • For pregnancy up to 28 weeks, a Medif form is not required. This must be with no complications, and you should prefer to reach the airport early. 
  • For a single pregnancy without complications between the 29th to 32nd week, you must provide medif form for passengers having return flights during the 33rd week. 
  • If the pregnancy is between the 29th to 32nd weeks with multiple or complicated pregnancies, a doctor’s allowance and a medif form are required to travel. 
  • For travel of pregnant ladies within the 33rd week to the 35th week, if you wish to travel, then you can travel through the airline by producing relevant documents and the medif form. The pregnancy must be a single pregnancy without any complications. 
  • The pregnancies between the 33rd to the 35th week, with complications, travel with the airline is not allowed. 
  • The travel booked in Qatar for pregnant ladies, you can go through to make the bookings of special seats on the airline, such as bassinet seats, aisle seats near the lavatory, etc.  

What are the Documents required to travel with Qatar Airways for pregnant women?

The information to be provided in the documents are as follows: 

  • Name of the patient as per the official documents and date of birth of the same. 
  • The estimated delivery date of the pregnancy. 
  • The date you wish to travel.
  • Confirmation if you can travel from your doctor. 
  • Documents that show if the pregnancy is complicated or not. 
  • MEDIF form is to be submitted from the official website of the airline. 
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