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How to use a discount code on Turkish Airlines?

There are many situations when Turkish Airlines offer discounts to its passengers. The discount is available for physically impaired, pregnant women, children, Army officials, senior citizens, etc. These Turkish airlines discount codes can be used once the Airline is convinced that passengers deserve the discount and then use them by following the below procedure:

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Retrieve the booking by adding the reservation number and the last name.
  • Go to the Menu and open the ticket details.
  • Add the additional services and use the discount code while paying for them.
  • The code can be used while paying for seat selection, flight change, etc.

Turkish Airlines promo code Apply Terms & Conditions - 

  • The Turkish promo code is only valid on the one-way or round-trip Economy class.
  • If passengers are business partners designated by Turkish Cargo, they can benefit from it.
  • The promo code cannot be used for flights that have been changed or canceled.
  • For multi-city flights, the promo is not valid.
  • To use the promo code, book tickets from the Turkish Airlines website or app.
  • The offer is not valid on Star Alliance partner airlines, Turkish Airlines codeshare, and AnadoluJet flights.

How do I use a voucher for Turkish Airlines?

If the passengers frequently travel with Turkish Airlines, they get a voucher on their several payments. These Turkish airline coupons can be used later to get additional services or to reduce the ticket price. But to use them, passengers also need to be aware of the procedure mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Click on the fight option and add the time, date, and location.
  • passengers can add additional services if they want.
  • And use the coupon during the payment procedure.

Turkish voucher Policy - 

  • Coupons will be issued in the name of passengers, and they can use only those vouchers.
  • If the added vouchers cover the full ticket amount, the other vouchers are not required.
  • A maximum of three coupons can be used per passenger.
  • The remaining value of the vouchers cannot be used for another passenger.
  • The vouchers cannot be applied to Code Share or SPA flights.

How long are Turkish Airlines vouchers valid?

The vouchers issued by Turkish Airlines will be valid for 2 years, domestic once for domestic flights and international once for international flights.

How Can I buy a voucher from Turkish Airlines?

The voucher can be bought at the official website of Turkish Airlines, and passengers can get the voucher in exchange for a refund. Add the details, and a voucher will be issued.

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