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How do I claim my Qatar Airways voucher?

Do you have a Qatar Airways voucher and are wondering how to use it? Well, there are multiple ways to redeem your travel voucher. A Qatar voucher can be used for flight, hotel bookings, seat upgrades, flight changes, and more. Travel vouchers are a great option to save money. To utilize your voucher, you should follow the given steps.

  • Head to Qatar Airways website at
  • Hit the ‘My Trips’ tab and specify your booking code and last name to find your booking. 
  • When the flight details appear, you can make a desired modification to your booking. 
  • At the payment stage, you should select the ‘Redeem Voucher’ option to make the payment. 

You can also use your travel voucher by calling customer service. Provide them with your voucher details at the time of payment, and you are good to go. 

What is a voucher in Qatar?

Qatar Airways issues vouchers for unutilized or partially used tickets. It can be used for multiple purposes. A list of the possible uses of Qatar travel vouchers is enlisted. 

  1. Flight bookings and cancellations: you can use your voucher to pay the booking or cancellation fee. 
  2. Hotel bookings: a travel voucher can also be used for booking a hotel. 
  3. Seat/flight Upgrade: customers can pay the upgrade fee using their voucher amount. 

How long does it take to get a Qatar voucher?

The process of getting a travel voucher/coupon in Qatar is very easy to follow and understand. Passengers must apply online to get a voucher, which they will receive in the upcoming 48 hours. After issuance, your Qatar voucher can be used for 2 years. 

Can Qatar vouchers be used for someone else?

Only the customer in whose name the voucher is issued can use the voucher. In other words, a single voucher can be redeemed per passenger in the same booking. Hence, you cannot use your voucher to book a flight for someone else.

How to enter the Qatar coupon code?

If you book a flight using your voucher, you must select the appropriate option at the time of payment. You should enter the voucher code Qatar Airways has provided for making flight reservations. The 13-digit voucher code can be found on your travel voucher. 

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