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How do you use a Sun County Voucher?

The airline occasionally provides you with different vouchers, and you can use them to avail some benefits like discounts on prices, foods, beverages, and many more. If you want to use your Sun Country Voucher, you can redeem it from the official web page when booking a flight. You can read the policy for more information about the airline or visit the official website. 

Sun Country voucher uses Terms and Conditions:

  • The coupon can only be used within one year from the issue date.
  • The passenger can apply for only one coupon at a time.
  • If the passenger cancels their nonrefundable flight, then Sun Country will provide you with a voucher worth the same amount as your ticket.
  • The benefits of the voucher are mentioned on them.

How long are Sun Country vouchers good for?

You have to use the Sun Country voucher within one year from the issue date. You can redeem your voucher by booking a flight ticket with the airline from the mobile app or by contacting the customer. Provide them with the voucher code and avail the benefit. For any queries, contact customer service and talk to the representative. 

Where to find the Sun Country voucher reward number?

Suppose you have forgotten or cannot find the Sun Country voucher reward number. In that case, you find it on the official web page of the airline or contact customer service at (651-905-2778), and the representative will assist you in providing the voucher reward number.

How do I redeem my Sun Country Voucher? 

If you want to redeem your voucher from the airline, then the only way is to book a ticket with the airline and apply it at the time of payment by following the given steps:

  • Open the official website of Sun Country or the mobile app.
  • Enter the destination, number of passengers, date of departure, and other necessary information.
  • Then you will reach the payment section.
  • Click on the “Apply coupons and vouchers” button.
  • Enter the voucher code and pay the updated amount.
  • After that, download the flight ticket and the airline will send it to your email.
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