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How do I use a promo code on KLM?

You can apply the KLM voucher promo code from the official website of KLM Airlines when booking. Get easy steps to use the KLM promo code.

  • First, visit the KLM Airlines website and go to the booking section, where you can apply for a flight credit or LUV voucher.
  • Select the destination, date, and time, enter the passenger details into the required field, and review your booking.
  • Select the payment method and choose a KLM voucher option and enter the prompt code to apply the KLM voucher easily.  

What’s KLM Airlines Voucher (Promo Code)?

KLM Airlines provides a voucher-like a coupon or credit that you can use to book and upgrade your flight quickly. You can also use the KLM discount code to purchase travel services and products conveniently. Get the voucher when your flight is delayed, or the airline cancels your ticket.

KLM Voucher Apply:-  Terms and Conditions

You must know the terms and conditions listed below to use the KLM voucher.

  • If you have the non-refundable voucher, it will be issued for the total value of the unused ticket with taxes.
  • If you have the amount on the non-refundable voucher, you can use it for the next available flight booking.
  • Use the non-refundable voucher for the ticket booking with the KLM Airlines ticket issued.
  • If you get it, the total value of the voucher is non-refundable, and you can use it to purchase travel services and products.
  • A non-refundable voucher is valid for one year from the date of issuance, and if you exceed the voucher's validity, it is no longer to be used.  

How long KLM Voucher is Valid?

KLM Voucher is valid for “1 Year” from the date of the first coupon provided by the airline. It means you have one year to use the voucher towards a new flight.

How can find KLM Voucher Status?

You can find the KLM voucher status in MY trip by simply log-in your booking account. Enter your last name and booking code, and you will see the current status of the voucher. If your request has been processed, you will show the voucher details that will also show in your profile.

How do I get a KLM voucher?

When a flight is delayed and canceled by you & airline's support team, due to any reason, you will get a refund from KLM Airlines in the form of a voucher.

How do I get a refund voucher from KLM?

You can ask for a cash voucher from KLM through the online refund program, you use for the booking. The refund system will check your eligibility for a full cash refund and the request status online.

Can I use a KLM voucher on Delta?

Yes, you can a KLM discount code on Delta, during the payment method at the time of booking. You can also use the voucher for other airlines like Air France or Virgin Atlantic etc.

How do I use my KLM compensation voucher?

You can use the KLM compensation voucher for one year after receiving it. It is allowed to use a maximum of 2 KLM vouchers during checkout to purchase a new KLM flight online.

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