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How do I claim my Air France voucher?

You can claim the voucher while making the flight reservation or making changes in your bookings from the official website of Air France. While making the payments, you will get an air france voucher option. You have to select that option and mention your voucher number. 

How to use the Air France Voucher?

If you have a voucher for Air France but need details about how to use it, then you do not have to worry, as the points mentioned below will help you. 

  • Search for the website of Air France.
  • Following this, you must log in to your account by mentioning genuine details.
  • Next, you have open the voucher or coupon section.
  • After this, while making the payments enter your voucher number starting with 057 
  • Further, you have to click on "apply," and the amount of your voucher will be reduced from the total value.
  • Last, you will get the email making the using your voucher. 

Can I use the Air France voucher for someone else? 

Air France only allows those passengers to use the voucher for whom it is issued; if any other passengers use it, it will become valid. The passenger can only use the voucher for another traveler if they both are traveling together in the same booking at the time of the voucher's redemption. 

How long does an Air France voucher last?

The voucher's validity will depend on the time you purchase it. If you get the voucher between March 2020 to August 2021, this is valid for August 2022, and if the voucher is issued After 1 September 2022, it is valid for one year from the issue date. If you will use the voucher after in the given period, its value is zero and no longer usable. You can communicate with Air France by dialing this number 1 (800) 237-2747 to renew your voucher or extend its validity. 

What is the discount code for Air France FR?

The Air France discount code is SUMMER2021 which you can use to make the reservation for the flight or modifications it. By using this air france voucher code, you can get at least a 25 USD to 40 USD of discount on the actual value of the flight ticket. 

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