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Can You Transfer a JetBlue Ticket To Another Person?

Are you seeking for information on whether or not you can transfer your JetBlue Airline tickets to another person? Although most airlines don't really allow passengers to transfer their ticket to another person, some have more forgiving cancellation rules than others, allowing to make a satisfactory adjustment to the trip. You may be capable of paying a cancellation charge then have a flight reissued in the name of another person, receive a refund for an unused ticket, even transfer the ticket to some other flight. More information about can you transfer a JetBlue ticket to another person can be found in the details listed below.

Can you transfer a JetBlue ticket to some other person?

If you would like to know that you really can transfer your booked flight ticket to another person with JetBlue, you've come to the correct spot. Below you can find information on how you can transfer your JetBlue ticket to someone else.

  1. If you want to transfer a ticket to somebody else, JetBlue doesn't really accept name changes; however, you can cancel your trip for a fee and obtain a full refund for your booked ticket in your account.
  2. MCOs and open tickets are completely transferable. Tickets that are cancelled before to their scheduled departure must be marked as OPEN and could be used inside one year of the day they were issued.

What is The Name Correction Policy of JetBlue Airways?

Although JetBlue does not enable you to transfer your ticket under a different name, they will let you to make a minor name change owing to spelling errors. You are not allowed to use the name corrections for replacing someone’s name to another person. You can find more details about the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, by reading the points below.

  1. JetBlue Airways allows minor name corrections to verify that a passenger’s name on flight ticket get matched to the government-issued identification/passport as per the policy.
  2. A name correction is limited to one reissue each ticket. Any more name adjustments are treated as a name change, and therefore are liable to any change costs and fare increases.
  3. JetBlue allows minor name changes in a flight ticket to passengers, as long as they match the government-issued ID or passport.
  4. The gender and date of birth cannot be altered at the same time as the name correction. Making changes both to the DOB as well as the name is regarded a name change, and is subject to JetBlue Airways Name Change Policy.
  5. Due to scheduling mistakes, minor adjustments to the birth date is permitted only provided that the name of traveler remains same on the ticket.
  6. Each passenger is allowed for name correction only once under the name correction guidelines by the JetBlue Airways.

You can find out details about whether or not transferring a JetBlue ticket to another person’s name is permitted by the airlines. At the same time, if you require any further information, you may contact the airline's customer service staff.

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