Can You Transfer a JetBlue Ticket To Another Person?

Are you seeking for information on whether or not you can transfer your JetBlue Airline tickets to another person? Although most airlines don't really allow passengers to transfer their ticket to another person, some have more forgiving cancellation rules than others, allowing to make a satisfactory adjustment to the trip. You may be capable of paying a cancellation charge then have a flight reissued in the name of another person, receive a refund for an unused ticket, even transfer the ticket to some other flight. More information about can you transfer a JetBlue ticket to another person can be found in the details listed below.

Can you transfer a JetBlue ticket to some other person?

If you would like to know that you really can transfer your booked flight ticket to another person with JetBlue, you've come to the correct spot. Below you can find information on how you can transfer your JetBlue ticket to someone else.

  1. If you want to transfer a ticket to somebody else +1(802)-216-4422, JetBlue doesn't really accept name changes; however, you can cancel your trip for a fee and obtain a full refund for your booked ticket in your account.
  2. MCOs and open tickets are completely transferable. Tickets that are cancelled before to their scheduled departure must be marked as OPEN and could be used inside one year of the day they were issued.

What is The Name Correction Policy of JetBlue Airways?

Although JetBlue does not enable you to transfer your ticket under a different name, they will let you to make a minor name change owing to spelling errors. You are not allowed to use the name corrections for replacing someone’s name to another person. You can find more details about the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, by reading the points below.

  1. JetBlue Airways allows minor name corrections to verify that a passenger’s name on flight ticket get matched to the government-issued identification/passport as per the policy.
  2. A name correction is limited to one reissue each ticket. Any more name adjustments are treated as a name change, and therefore are liable to any change costs and fare increases.
  3. JetBlue allows minor name changes in a flight ticket to passengers, as long as they match the government-issued ID or passport.
  4. The gender and date of birth cannot be altered at the same time as the name correction. Making changes both to the DOB as well as the name is regarded a name change, and is subject to JetBlue Airways Name Change Policy.
  5. Due to scheduling mistakes, minor adjustments to the birth date is permitted only provided that the name of traveler remains same on the ticket.
  6. Each passenger is allowed for name correction only once under the name correction guidelines by the JetBlue Airways.

You can find out details about whether or not transferring a JetBlue ticket to another person’s name is permitted by the airlines. At the same time, if you require any further information, you may contact the airline's customer service staff.

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Airline Tickets?

Many passengers do not want to travel with their booked airline tickets. Passengers want to transfer it to someone they know or to someone else. There are no such rules to transfer Airline tickets by all the airlines. They need to see whether airlines can transfer the air tickets or not. They are lucky if the airline allows them to transfer their air tickets. Do passengers always ask about how much does it cost to transfer Airline tickets? There are some ways they can follow to transfer airline tickets. Steps are mentioned below:

  1. Please go through the tickets they have bought. See if there is written 'transferable' or 'restricted.' These words will tell if the tickets are transferable or not.
  2.  If they paid the total price for a first-class or business-class ticket, there are chances that the ticket will not be "non-transferable."
  3. Visit the official website of the airlines through which tickets have been booked. 
  4.  See the "Reservations" or "Tickets" section to find their cancellation and transfer policy information. 
  5. There must be some chance of transferring the ticket to another person.
  6. Contact the individual airline that issued the ticket to inquire about transferring the ticket. There are some changes when the passengers can ask the service team to transfer their tickets. 
  7. They often cannot help their customers transfer their tickets to someone else according to their policies.
  8. Passengers have to cancel the tickets if they cannot transfer them with the help of the customer care service team. 
  9. In some cases, passengers need to pay cancelation fees of $100 to $150. The airlines will issue the remaining balance and credit on the ticket.
  10. There are no policies for transferring the tickets to someone else's name+1(802)-216-4422, and hence, no cost will be paid to transfer the tickets in case of non-transferable tickets.

Many passengers are willing to transfer their flights in somebody else's name. As per many airlines' policies, tickets cannot be transferred as they can be canceled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Note down the process: What is the JetBlue ticket transfer policy?

Suppose passengers who booked their flight tickets in JetBlue Airlines now do not want to board their flight due to any significant situation. They want to transfer their flight tickets to somebody else’s name instead of canceling their flight tickets. There are many passengers asking questions related to the JetBlue ticket transfer policy. Many airlines do not allow transferring flight tickets in somebody else’s name. There are some steps which can help the passengers to transfer tickets. Following are some of the steps:

JetBlue Transfer Policy-

There can be situations when the person cannot board a flight or the passenger is no longer alive. In this case, passengers follow the steps:

  1. JetBlue doesn't accept name changes. However, passengers can cancel their trip by paying charges and crediting a full refund for the booked ticket in their account.
  2. MCOs and open tickets are entirely transferable by the airline. Tickets canceled before their scheduled timing must be marked as open and can be used within one year of the day they were issued.
  3. They can also contact the customer service team of the airlines if they want to transfer their flight tickets to another person's name.

Here are some of the steps mentioned above for the passengers to get help from the airlines for transferring their flight tickets to another passenger's name.

Short Guide on flight tickets transfer on JetBlue

People usually get confused when it comes to flight ticket transfers. The situation can be confusing because it is not an easy task to transfer your flight tickets or change the name on your flight ticket.

If you have a flight ticket with JetBlue and you wonder about the topic, ‘How Can transfer plane tickets on JetBlue?’ then keep on reading. The points listed below will help you know more about the subject respectively.

Ticket Transfers on JetBlue Airlines

  1. No, you cannot transfer your JetBlue ticket to someone else.
  2. You cannot change the name on your flight ticket.
  3. If you cannot fly, you can transfer your ticket and have it as a travel credit with JetBlue airlines.
  4. If you wish to use it for your family or a relative, you’ll have to make the flight booking with the help of your JetBlue account and have the booking under your account details.

Henceforth, the above-mentioned details will help you with the transfer procedure of JetBlue Airlines, and you can utilize your flight ticket even if you are not flying.

Sometimes, passengers may want to reschedule their flights to another date or time due to some unforeseen reasons. The process of flight change is quite easy and effortless to perform. If you are confused about how can I change my flight without a fee, then refer to the risk-free 24-hour flight change policy highlighted below.

24-hour risk-free flight change policy

  1. Passengers can change their flight without getting charged but under one condition. You need to make all the changes with 24 hours of booking.
  2. If the fare amount of your new ticket is higher, then you need to pay the difference amount to the particular airline.
  3. Passengers can make the changes in their flight booking via the official airline’s website or through the customer service team of the concerned airline.
  4. If the fare amount of your new flight is lower than the previous one, then you will get the difference amount refunded in the form of travel credits.

how to book flight ticket?

Usually, many airlines don't allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else. The cancellation fees will be, or the transfer of tickets will be charged or as per the airline's terms and conditions. 

You will easily make changes when you can make changes in advance or within 24 hours of purchasing. You do have to cancel the ticket at times only when they go through the class type (you have made your reservation). Airlines allow you to transfer your passport when you have made a group reservation through which you can simply transfer your tickets. ( As per the terms and conditions of the Airlines ) you will easily be able to contact the live person. Transfer tickets will be possible when all the information is equally valid and all the information is correctly mentioned. 

The ways mentioned above will guide you. How can I transfer a plane ticket to someone else and get the proper assistance you need from them within a given frame of time from the respective airlines. 


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