What Happens if JetBlue Changes Your Flight Time?

Flight change is one the most difficult situations faced by customers, especially during last-minute flights. Yet if your  Jet flight has been changed on the Airline’s end, then things become difficult.  But many airlines such as JetBlue Airways provide relaxation to its customers to make sure they don’t face any difficulty.

Sometimes the airlines change the schedule or cancel the flight because of some unavoidable reasons. When the airline changes the flight schedule and you are wondering: Can I get Refund if Flight schedule changes? The airline provides a refund to the customers if they cancel their flight, but if the customer cancels or changes the flight with his/her ends then they will have to pay some change fee. 

So if you have made a reservation with JetBlue Airways and are looking to make any changes in the flight reservation, then you should check all the information about Jetblue airways schedule change policy. 

Moreover, if you have reserved your flight ticket on JetBlue, and have been thinking about What happens if JetBlue changes your flight time? Well read further to know more about the same. 

What IF JetBlue changes my flight time? 

JetBlue Airways can make schedule changes due to different reasons, for instance, Weather issues, technical problems, and other unknown issues. However, the airline offers a different relaxation related to the airfare types, booking information and the schedule change timing. 

Here is what you need to know about if you are thinking about What happens if JetBlue changes your flight time? 

  1. If you Flight time is changed for Less than 60 minutes on JetBlue Airways it is subject to the cancel or change charges, then you will need to pay some amount as a charge fee if you wish to make a change in your reservation. 
  2. If your schedule change on JetBlue Airways between 60-90 minutes, then the airline will either give you a new flight ticket within the same city or your destination, or co-located city within the same time or day,(+1-802-216-4422) or the day before your original scheduled departure time. 
  3. Also, Jetblue waives all the change charges along with the fare difference, yet you will need to give them a correct waiver number to the airline at the time when you are planning to change your flight ticket. 
  4. If your JetBlue flight ticket is scheduled to change 120 minutes or more than 120 minutes, then  the airline will give you another flight ticket within the same city or to the co-located city for the same day, or the day before the original flight time departure date.
  5. However if no flights tickets is available for scheduling the ticket within that time, then the airline will extend your departure time for 7 days in either direction of the original flight without charging any additional cost and the fare differences, and the passenger would also have to provides the correct waiver number while making changes in your flight time and date. 

If you are still wondering What happens if JetBlue changes your flight time?  For that you should contact the Jetblues Airways Customer service for more information on your schedule change by JetBlue, and other related information. The JetBlue customer service team is available 24/7 to help the customers. 

Question: How Much Does JetBlue Charge to Change Flight?

As per the Jetblue flight change policy, you can make changes online and offline. When making the change over the phone, you need to pay around a $ 25 non-refundable fee per person. However, there is no additional charge for making online changes.

If you hold Blue Basic Fare:-

You need to pay the change fee of around $ 100 for the U.S, Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, plus the fare difference.

The change fee of around $ 200 is applicable for other routes, along with the fare difference.

If you hold Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint fares:- 

There is no change fee applicable; only fare difference applies.

Question: How Can I Change my JetBlue Airways Flight Fee of Cost?

If you wish to make a change without paying a fee, you can purchase a BLUE fare. You can also cancel the ticket for free within 24 hours of booking to get a full refund and purchase a new ticket as per the requirement.

To make changes for free, you can visit the airline's official website online and locate the Manage trip section. You can log into your account to access your trip details. Now select the booking you wish to change; you can click on the itinerary change option and follow instructions on the screen to complete the change process.

Question: How Can I Change My Jetblue Flight Time?

You can change your flight time by visiting jetblue.com and calling the reservation department. Here is the quick procedure below for reference.

Launch the JetBlue website that is jateblue.com

  • Go to the Manage trip section on the homepage.
  • Provide last name and confirmation number details to retrieve your booking 
  • Select the booking you wish to change and click on the change itinerary button
  • You can then select the new date and time as per availability and save the changes.
  • Pay the change fee and the fare difference on the payment page if applicable.
  • Once the change is complete, the airline sends you a confirmation email for the new booking.


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