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How do I change my passenger information on JetBlue Airways?

With regards to changing or correcting the passenger information on JetBlue tickets, you can make changes in your tickets by just following the JetBlue airlines name correction Policy. The JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Policy is something you need to consider speedily. JetBlue permits travelers to make modifications  in the name according to the guidelines. One can coincide with the interaction easily without hitting the pocket hard. JetBlue Airlines is definitely the most seasoned airline on earth. 

  1. You can make changes in your name or can correct your name on the ticket  by using a name correction policy.  
  2. You can make a change in your flight ticket within 24 hours. The changes  which you can make are date, time and destination.
  3. A bit of the tickets can not be changed like the basic economy. So it's not that much difficult to check your booking type and tickets. 
  4. According to JetBlue Flight Change policy, The non-refundable flight  tickets can be changed by using $120. 

How would I change my passenger Information on jetblue Airways? 

If you are looking for How to change passenger information on JetBlue Airways? then you have to follow the Flight Change policy of jetblue Airways or means beneath. 

  1. First and foremost go to the official  website of the Airlines. 
  2. Click on the deal with my travel option and it will be available to you at the top of the fundamental page.
  3. Enter your details like booking number or reservation number and  continue to go name as on your ID. 
  4. The booking will show you on your screen and afterward then press change my booking elective open to you.
  5. By this elective, you can correct your name in the booking or any different changes after that you have to confirm it by just  pressing the confirm button. 
  6. Your name will be refreshed and you are good to go.  

Jetblue Airlines Name Correction Policy

Travelers can make changes to their jetBlue Airways, endorse tickets and reissue or even exchange the tickets without any charges generally speaking. Fundamental name correction and changes are allowed  to ensure that a customer ticket arranges with their administration photo or ID password. Name corrections are not allowed to substitute one client for another. That would be seen as a name change strategy of the flight and would be autonomous upon your name correction policy. 

To finish the name correction, the accompanying standards should be met:

Name corrections are not permitted to substitute one customer for another. That would be viewed as a name change, and would be dependent upon our name change strategy.

To finish  a name correction the accompanying standard should be met: 

  1. JetBlue (b6/279) should be the approving transporter. 
  2.  All the trips on the tickets should be worked and additionally approved by JetBlue.
  3. Just one reissue for each ticket is taken into account as a name remedy. Any extra name rectifications as viewed as a name change and liable to all change charge and expansion in passage.
  4. Changes to flight, travel dates, toll classes, or admission premises codes are not  allowed
  5. Minor name corrections allowed mid venture out to coordinate with the government provided ID.
  6. The date of birth and sex can’t be changed related to an name adjustment. Making revision to both DOB and the name would be viewed as a JetBlue Airlines name correction Policy
  7. Minor changes to the date of birth are permitted because of booking blunders, only if the name is not evolving. 
  8. Just a single adjustment for every customer  is allowed. Any further changes would be upon our name correction policy. 
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