How much does it cost to change a flight with Avianca?

To change the Avianca Airlines flight, you only need to be aware of the policy and the procedure to make the changes. Once you’re knowledgeable about the process, you can make the changes without the help of an expert. It is approximately going to cost you only $150. However, the actual cost will be different from one reservation to another. 

The Process to Make the Changes to Avianca Airlines. 

To make the changes, you must ensure that you have taken the steps below. Then you’ll be able to make the flight change without the help of an expert. 

  • Get on the Avianca Airlines website. 
  • Now tap on the manage booking button. 
  • Enter the PNR code and the name of the passenger. 
  • Press the button search. 
  • You’ll see the booking you have made. 
  • Open the booking, and then choose the change flight option. 
  • Then check the all flight lists.
  • From the list, you have to select the flight that suits you. 

Once you have completed that process, then you’ll receive a confirmation email. You can keep it saved because it will have all your booking details. 

Avianca Flight change policy:

The flight change policy of Avianca Airlines is given below. Through this, you’ll be able to make the changes to your booking without any extra charges. 

  • You must ensure that you have made the cancellation or the changes to your flight within twenty-four hours of the booking. Then you will not be charged anything extra for making the changes. 
  • While making the flight change, you cannot make the changes to the destination of your flight. 
  • You can make the changes by yourself only if you have made the booking on the official website of Avianca Airlines. If a travel agency created your booking, then you need to connect with them to make the booking. 

Contact the Avianca Airlines

You can undoubtedly connect with Avianca Airlines. You must ensure that you are connected with Avianca Airlines through calling or any other alternate method. They will make the changes for you

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