How do I get a full refund on flight cancellation Vistara?

There is always a solid reason when we cancel a flight because no one wants to cancel their trip without any reason and that is something that Vistara understands so,if you want to cancel your flight then Vistara allows you to do that and for that, you need to follow an easy procedure and few Vistara airlines refund policy and cancellations policy and you can easily cancel your flight. So, to know all about you need to read the below guidance. 

What are the cancellations and refund Policies of Vistara? 

If you have any confusion with the Vistara airlines cancellation policy and refund policy then you can read the information below. 

  • As per the Vistara canceling and refund policy passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking can cancel flights easily and they will get a full refund for that. 
  • Passengers who cancel their flight after the allotted time can get a refund after the deduction of cancelation charges. 
  • If you make changes in your flight due to a medical emergency or the death of a family member then you can get your full refund but you need to submit all the related documents for that.
  • Any reason, if the flight is canceled by the Airline then you do not need to pay any cancelation charges and they will give you the full refund.  

How much does Vistara charge for cancellation?

If an economy class passenger cancels their flight then they need to pay 3500 rupees for that and the fees for premium economy and business class passengers is 4000 rupee.

How much refund will I get if I cancel my Vistara flight?

If I cancel my flight with Vistara then if you cancel it within 24 hours then you do not need to pay any cancellation charges and if you cancel it after that then on average you will get half the amount of your ticket. 

How do I get a refund if I cancel my Vistara flight?

When you make the procedure of cancelation an option appears which says to get a refund from Vistara fills out this form. You need to fill out that form and within 14 business days, your refund will be initiated in your account.  

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