How do I check my Vistara PNR?

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If you book a flight with Vistara and don't have PNR information, you can quickly check it online, in your confirmation email, and by speaking to the Vistara customer support team. Vistara PNR Code is used to check flight status, change the booking and retrieve other information. Besides, It is easy to check the PNR status of any Vistara airlines flight; all you need to do is follow the steps given.

Follow the steps below to check Vistara PNR. 

  • Go to the official website of Vistara Airlines and login to your account 
  • You can also use the manage my option to retrieve booking 
  • Provide the booking reference number and surname, click on Find booking s
  • Select the ticket you wish to check PNR, and click on view 
  • You can then see the PNR information, including flight details, booking status, and others, on the screen

In addition, you can also check the PNR by calling the Vistara call center. You can provide the executive with your booking details, and they will be able to confirm you with PNR information. 

What is the PNR number for Vistara?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, and it contains all details of the flight you are boarding. All the information is stored on the computer reservation system(CRS) with one code character. The number of seats reserved under a passenger name, travel class, ticket, and contact number. Special Service requests and Other service information are available in the PNR information. By checking Vistara Airlines' PNR status, you will also know the real-time details of your flight's arrival and departure times. 

A PNR number in Vistara is a six-character code you receive during booking. You can find PNR in your booking confirmation email, on your e-ticket, or by calling the Vistara customer service center. Once you have your PNR, you can use it to check the status of your booking, make changes to tour booking, and get other information.

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