How Can I find my United Airlines flight number?

Finding your United Airlines flight number is a simple process that can be done through several different methods. If you are wondering, Where is the flight number on a ticket United? Here are some of the most usual ways to find your United Airlines flight number:

The methods to find the flight number of United Airlines

Check Your Booking Confirmation Email:

If you booked your United Airlines flight online, you should have received a booking confirmation email. This email will contain important information about your flight, including your flight number. Search for the email and look for a section in the email that lists your flight details, such as the date, time, and flight number.

Check Your E-Ticket Receipt:

If you purchased your United Airlines ticket online, you should have received an e-ticket receipt. This receipt will contain your flight details, including your flight number. Look for a section in the receipt that lists your flight information.

Check the United Airlines Website:

You can quickly use the online web page of the airline. Use the steps that are given below to find your ticket number.

  • Open the official webpage of United Airlines.
  • Then click on my trips option from the dashboard.
  • Write confirmation code and last name
  • Now, your flight number should be listed alongside your other flight details.

Check Your Boarding Pass:

If you have checked in for your United Airlines flight using the online web check-in and received your boarding pass, your flight number should be listed on the pass. Look for a section on the pass that lists your flight details.

Call United Airlines Customer Service:

If you are still having trouble finding your United Airlines flight number, you can call United Airlines customer service for assistance. The representative should be able to provide you with your flight number as long as you can provide them with your booking or confirmation number, so make sure you have the required details before contacting customer service.


Whether you check your booking confirmation email, e-ticket receipt, the United Airlines website, your boarding pass, or call customer service, you should be able to quickly locate your flight number and ensure that you have all the necessary information for your upcoming flight.

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