Do I need a Covid test to fly on United Airlines?

Will a negative report allow you to fly with United airlines?

United Airlines offers services that are quite essential to make one's trip remarkable. So many modifications have been made by the airlines during the rise of COVID-19, which has caused the cancellation of many flights. So, if you are traveling with United Airlines, you must know about the United Airlines COVID policy to avoid any hassle that may prevent you from getting on board. So, have a look at the discussion which is below:

Have a look at United Airlines' COVID Policy

  • As far as the airline's policy is concerned, you are allowed to wear a mask. Still, it is not mandatory if you are flying within the US, but if you are flying internationally, you may be mandated to cover your face with a mask.
  • You must have a COVID vaccination certificate which you may have to produce while checking in with the airlines. 
  • Now, the policy has changed. You are not required to have a negative COVID test report to fly within the US, but you may need a COVID report to fly internationally. 
  • And you may have to test for COVID to present your report while checking in with the airlines. And if you are flying internationally, you will have to submit a report to customs in order to get to the board. 

Will you require a negative COVID test to fly?

Suppose you are planning a trip with your family or friends and you realize in the COVID phase, you may have to get a COVID test certificate to provide proof of being good health-wise, so you are advised to go through the points that are mentioned below, please have a look:

  • As far as the COVID guidelines of United Airlines are concerned, now you do not require to be negatively tested to fly with the airline. But if you want to fly internationally, you will have to be negative. (you are advised to consult with the desired country for COVID guidelines to which you want to fly.)
  • You can look at the guidelines before booking a flight with United Airlines and book a flight without a COVID test domestically. 

You are advised to go through the information mentioned above, which will give you a brief idea of when you are required to carry a COVID test report to the airport to check-in, and within the US on United Airlines, you do not need to provide a COVID report. 

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