Can You Cancel Your Hawaiian Airlines Flight and Get a Refund?

  1. Hawaiian Airlines is one of the largest and low cost Airlines of Mexico, America. It is the third largest Airline of Mexico.
  2. Hawaiian Airline is also the largest Airline and the longest serving airline coming mainly from the US. The top most Airline serving a number of special services to the passengers with the amazing deals and offers. 
  3. But sometimes, due to various reasons like a changed trip plan, or for some urgent emergency reasons, you may have to cancel your flight. What always comes to mind is the cancellation process and getting a refund?
  4. Most arising question is  that  can you cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight and get a refund? So, yes you can cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight under some terms and conditions.

Are you thinking about cancelling your flight?

  1. Hawaiian Airlines have some specific cancelling procedures you must know if you are looking to cancel your flight. 
  2. To cancel your flight and get a refund, this guide will help you know about the Hawaiian Airline cancellation policy and the Hawaiian Airline refund policy.

For the following various reasons, you can cancel your Hawaiian Airlines:

Following is the information:

  1. Cancellation can be done due to any government requests and orders. Cancellation can also be done due to natural changes like weather conditions which are beyond the control.Any airline issues about the services.
  2. You can cancel your reservation if you fail to board your flight due to any reason.
  3. If you have some carrier supply reservation with Hawaiian Airlines, you cancel your flight if you fail to board. 
  4. If you purchased your ticket 2 hours before the departure , then you can also cancel your flight.
  5. If you have any pre-seating arrangements already reserved, you can cancel your reservations if you fail to obtain your boarding pass with some prior timings.

Now, we will guide you through refund/compensation conditions of Hawaiian airlines. Following are some conditions or situations, Hawaiian Airline can compensate you with:

  1. If you haven't used any portion of your ticket, an equal amount of the ticket along with the applicable chargers of the ticket will be refunded within 7 business days for payment made with credit card and 20 business days for the payment made with cash of the original purchase of ticket. 
  2. If you have partially used your ticket, the partial amount of your ticket along with the applicable charges will be refunded within 7 business days for payment made with credit card and 20 business days for the payment made with cash of the original purchase of the ticket.
  3. 12 Months is the time limit of the refunds of Hawaiian Airlines, after that no refunds will be made.
  4. Your refund will require a service fees as well in these following cases:
  5. If your ticket is within the state of Hawaii, $25.00 will be charged.
  6. If your ticket is within the continental USA, $100.00 will be charged.
  7. If your ticket travelled between the state of Hawaii and the continental USA, $100.00 will be charged.

Above are the cancellation and refund procedures in Hawaiian Airlines which will help you cancel your tickets with Hawaiian Airlines.

For further details and information if skipped, you may visit the Hawaiian airlines on the official website where you can get all the related information regarding your reservations. 

You can visit the:

  1. Official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  2. Customer care service is available 24/7 to help you with all your queries. 
  3. E-mail addresses are also given on the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. It is a frequently asked question by the Customers. There are several refund policy in Hawaiian Airlines which allows there customers to claim for the refund after cancelling the flight booking in Hawaiian Airlines. Refund in Hawaiian Airlines differ from flight to flight as there are different policies in the flight.
  2. You can cancel any of your flight booking anytime in Hawaiian Airlines before Cancelling it you have to check for the refund policy in that flight booking, by which you will know about the refund you will get back. If you are facing any problem in knowing the refund policy or you are unable to cancel your flight bookig then you can contact to the customer support of Hawaiian Airlines.
  3. Customer Care of Hawaiian Airlines helps you in any regards related to  your query. They will help you with all your problems related to Hawaiian Airlines.
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