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Are dogs allowed in AirAsia?

While traveling on long tours, if you have a pet dog, you would like to travel with them. But only some airlines allow dogs or other animals to travel in their cabinets. AirAsia is one of them. There are specific rules that forbid you to travel with pets. However, some situations can allow people to travel with animals in AirAsia. We will tell you about these policies and ways to get animals on a flight with this airline.

What is AirAsia Airlines' pet policy?

The crucial points that you must note if you like to travel with your pet on this airline are mentioned below:

  • According to their standard pet policy, they don't accept pets or service animals on their airlines.
  • AirAsia's flights in India (i5 flights) and Japan (DJ flights) allow service animals to travel.
  • It will enable the live service animal to fly in its aircraft's cabin if the animal is medically fit.
  • Any live animal is not permitted in the cargo cabinet of aircraft.
  • According to AirAsia Airlines Pet Policy, no type of animal is transported in air cargo.

How to get service animal assistance with AirAsia Airlines?

Different methods to get service animal assistance are as follows:

Through offline mode:

Please take the steps given below to talk to their agent:

  • Navigate through their website on your browser, www.airasia.com.
  • Look for the Support section.
  • Click on the Contact us option.
  • You will get the customer service phone number to talk with them.
  • Call them on 080-46662222.
  • Listen to their IVR instructions and follow them as they give you the commands.
  • Soon you will get in touch with the customer agent, who will guide you through adding your service animal to exceptional assistance.
  • Follow the prompts, and the process will get complete.

Through online mode:

To get service animal assistance online, you can take the following steps:

  • Visit the website of AirAsia.
  • Go to the Booking section.
  • Choose your flight dates and destination and search for the flight.
  • Select the flight from the list and click on confirm.
  • You will get a page where you can add seats and other assistance.
  • Add service animal assistance. 
  • Following the prompts, you need to add the medical fitness certificate of the service animal.
  • Confirm the addition to your booking and complete the payment process. Remember, the authorities might ask for documents related to the animal during check-in, so be prepared.

AirAsia will not allow you to travel with a dog unless it's a service animal. The fitness of the animal is a must to fly along with you.

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