What if I Change My Name Before Flying on Latam Airlines?

Latam airlines have different facilities with incredible services for travelers. You can easily book a flight with minimum cost and great comfort and safety. Travelers may also change their name under the Latam airlines name change policy with terms and conditions applied. Latam permits the possibility of correcting a name on a booking when there is a remarkable error.

 Latam Airlines Name Correction Policy

 People can correct their names on the ticket for up to three letters. For name correction, passengers must share the travel document and a letter authorizing the correction in which they must specify the error and correct name of the passenger. Also, according to the “Latam airlines name correct policy” correctness will not be accepted if the error appears both in the travel document and the ticket name. 

The correction will not be modified in the original PNR, and once the documents are ready, travelers must request through the official website of Latam. Only the passenger requiring the name correction will be split from the rest when more than one passenger is listed in the reservation.

What is the Latam Airlines Name Change Policy?

  1. Travelers might not be allowed to change their complete name; instead, they can only change the three letters of the name. These three letters can be random or in a queue. But make sure that the change is only in the spelling and not the complete change in the name.
  2. A name change is permitted one time only. A single traveler can change their name only once.
  3. Travelers can only change their name for unused or partially used Latam plane tickets+1(802)-216-4422. If the tickets are used, the traveler won't make the necessary change as per the Latam name change policy.
  4. In the name-changing process, the original ticket stock must be maintained. If the passenger is issued with a new ticket with the required changes, then the original ticket should also be maintained at the time of travel.
  5. The required supportive documents must be submitted for legal procedures for the name change procedure. These documents may include the identity proof of the passenger and all the details.
  6. Some charges may be applied for the required name change in the plane ticket. The charges depend on the time of the booking of the ticket.
  7. People are requested to make the changes within 24 hours of booking the ticket. Passengers must cross-check the details of the ticket at the time of booking, but if they want any other change in the name, they can apply within 24 hours of the booking of reservation.
  8. If the changes are made after 24 hours of booking, charges may apply depending on the fare type. The charges vary and ultimately depend on the class of the ticket reservation.
  9. Passengers can also change the last name on their ticket after the marriage or divorce and submit the required legal document as proof. Some people change their surname after the marriage and wants to book the ticket with the new surname; in that case, they can change their surname on the ticket after submitting the legal documents.

The policies mentioned above are strictly followed when people request a name change in their reservation by Latam airlines. However, if you face any issue or trouble while changing the ticket's name, you can connect to “Latam airlines customer service” for guidance and support. These executives can help and describe the complete name-changing policy and procedure. Customer support executives are available 24/7 for the help of the people. You can connect to these executives with different methods like via the phone number, live chats, social media, and email, whose details are present under the contact us section on the official website of Latam airlines.

How do I Change My Name on Latam Airlines?

Get specific details to change the name on Latam Airlines

Latam Airlines offers you the best complete details for the flight booking on its official booking website. Get valuable plan to book a flight ticket to various destinations and get assistance to manage booking to change the date, time, and name quickly. 

If you wish to change the passenger's name, go through the Latam Airlines Name change policy that allows you to cancel your flight wihtin 24 hours. If you want to learn more, go through specific points to easily change the name to a policy.

  1. Ensure you have an identification document to match with the name and quickly change the ticket's name.
  2. Get the name change process under the manage booking that you can do within 24 hours before flight departure.
  3. If you want to change the passenger's full name, you have to book a new flight under manage booking at the same rate indeed.

You can also call the airline to quickly change the passenger's name and get proper support at the right time. 

Guide on Latam Airline Flight Name Change

Changing your flight ticket name on an airline can sometimes be a challenging task to do. You must be focused when booking flight tickets so that you don’t have to go with the hassle of changing the misspelled name. If you wonder How can I change my flight name on Latam Airlines? go through the following.

Change name on Latam Airlines

You can correct your name on the Latam Airlines flight ticket by going through;

  1. With the help of your browser, visit the official Latam Airlines website.

  2. Locate and click on ‘Ticket Change’ under the ‘My Trips’ section.
  3. On the following page, enter your flight-related details to access your booking.
  4. The following page will showcase all the ticket information.
  5. Click on the edit option.
  6. You can then edit your name and click on ‘Save & Continue’ to confirm your changes.
  7. You’ll receive an email regarding the changes you made to your registered email ID.

Thus, you can change your flight name on Latam Airlines with the help of following the points listed above.

Does Latam Airlines Allow You to Change Your Name?

Short Guide on Latam Airlines Name Change Process

Latam Airlines is considered the second-largest domestic airline and the most significant international airline in Brazil. It deals in flight services worldwide and is one of the top-performing airlines in the aviation industry.

Can I change my name on a Latam Airlines flight?

Well, you cannot particularly change your name on your Latam Airlines flight ticket, but if you’ve made a type error, you can make corrections.

How to change the name on Latam Airlines?

You can change your name via the following;

  1. Visit the official Latam Airlines website.
  2. Click on the ‘Manage your trips’ option under the ‘My Trips’ category.
  3. You can access your booking via your email ID or trip details.
  4. Enter the required details and proceed.
  5. Click on the ‘Edit’ option to make corrections on the following page.
  6. You can then edit your name according to a government-authorized ID and make necessary corrections.

Thus, the query ‘Does Latam Airlines allow you to Change Your Name?’ can be sorted out by following the points mentioned above in a hassle-free manner.

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