What are the pregnancy rules for Vistara Airlines?

Vistara Airlines is a Gurugram, Indian-based flag carrier that provides flight services for several routes and destinations. The airlines aim to offer the best quality services at lower and affordable airfare, mainly for women and kids. If any female traveler is pregnant and thinking of flying with the airline, she might wonder:  What are the pregnancy rules and regulations for Vistara Airlines? The airline has provided several methods to contact the Customer Support Team, and you can also enquire about the issues, policies, T&C, etc., from the agent. 

Vistara Airlines' Pregnancy Policies

For the safety of expectant mothers and their babies, the airline has some rules and restrictions to be followed by pregnant women while boarding the flight. You can follow and understand the below-mentioned points: 

For Uncomplicated Single Pregnancy: 

  • If pregnancy is between the 29th and 36th week, the passenger must show the fit to fly certificate, which must be stamped or signed by a qualified gynecologist. The certificate must be issued within the scheduled departure date. 
  • It is mandatory to be mentioned the gynecologist in the certificate related to confirmation of the number of pregnancy weeks, the expected date for delivery, and that there are no complications. 
  • If a woman is pregnant for more than 36 weeks, then traveling is restricted by the airlines. 

For Uncomplicated Multiple Pregnancies (e.g., twins, triplets, etc.):

  • If pregnancy is between the 29th to 32nd week, passengers must show a fit to fly certificate of a qualified gynecologist, which must not be issued three days before departure. 
  • If pregnancy is over 32 weeks, women passengers will be restricted from traveling with the airlines. 

For complicated pregnancies (including Single and multiple)

  • In case of a complicated pregnancy of the 29th to 32nd week, the female passenger must show the MEDA Clearance certificate from Vistara Airlines' medical department. 
  • You will be required to be accompanied by one qualified doctor (who must be at least MBBS qualified doctor); also, having a medical escort is compulsory. 
  • All complicated pregnancies which are beyond 32 weeks are restricted to travel. 

From the above information, you can easily understand the Vistara pregnancy policy. If there is any further information, you can reach the customer support team of Vistara. 

How do I Manage My Vistara Airline Booking?

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