What is TUI Flight Cancellation Policy?

TUI Airways' Cancellation Policy

TUI  cancellation policy is essential to understand because it may assist in having a brief idea to avoid any kind of additional fare that can be charged by the airline if you do not cancel your flight as per the airline's policy. There can be many possible reasons for canceling your flight, for example, illness, poor weather, canceling the business meeting, etc. So, you are suggested to go through the TUI cancelation policy that will assist you in all the possible ways where you can save any additional cost:

  • Within 24 hours of your booking, if you cancel your flight, you will not be charged any additional amount by the airline. 
  • If any passengers cannot board the flight, then the airline will charge your entire amount as a cancellation fee. 
  • For non-refundable tickets, you cannot cancel your flight, and only the taxes which were imposed on a ticket at the time of purchasing a ticket will be offered. 
  • As per the cancellation Policy, you are allowed to cancel your flight 10 minutes before your departure, and you may be charged a certain additional cost, and the cost will be determined by the airline.  
  • The 24 hours policy of the airlines applies not on all tickets; for example, on some tickets, you are charged no cost if you cancel your flight within 24 hours, and on some tickets, you will be charged a cancelation fee. 
  • If you have purchased a ticket with the airlines directly, you can directly contact the airlines for cancellation, but if there is any third party involved, you have to get the concerned party.
  • Additional fare will be charged by TUI airlines if you cancel your flight after 24 hours of your flight. 

In case you are wondering about the process, have a look at the mentioned process:

  • Visit the official website of TUI airlines to begin the process.
  • Tap on the "Accounts and Booking" section. 
  • Give all your booking details, for example, ticket number, name, etc.
  • Tap on "change flight" and enter all the entails asked there to log in and proceed with the process.
  • Then, you will have the option to cancel your flight. (you can submit your cancelation, and you will also have the Refund form there, where you can apply for a refund, please make sure to go through the refund policy of TUI airlines and the cancelation policy to avoid any additional fare imposed by the airlines.)

If you find the process difficult, you should always reach out to the airline's customer executive by calling their phone number.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my TUI Flight?

As per the TUI Airways Refund Policy, you can request and receive a refund if you have canceled your flight, and you have to make sure to go through the refund policy to have a brief idea about the process, terms & conditions, etc.

Does TUI have a Cancellation Fee?

Yes, a TUI Airways Cancellation Fee is imposed on canceling a flight, and the fee begins from 15 EUR and can go up to 40 EUR. (prices may vary from time to time) 

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