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How much does it cost to add luggage to a TUI flight?

TUI is one of the best charter Airlines in the United Kingdom. If you want to add extra luggage, it will cost you £13 or €17 per kilogram for short-haul flights. However, long-haul flights will be £18 or $27 per kilogram. You can make your decision as per your needs. It is important to know the policy regarding luggage. That is going to help you avoid any extra charges. Ensure that you have not crossed the TUI's weight limit or measurement limits. 

Luggage policy for flight-only booking:

You need to ensure that you have followed the luggage policy provided below. Once you have this policy, you can avoid any extra charges. 

Hand luggage 

  • You can carry one hand luggage, which should not be more than 10kg. 
  • The maximum dimension of the hand luggage should be at most 55x40x20cm. 
  • It should be easy for you to lift your luggage and keep it in the overhead storage. 
  • If you're carrying a laptop or any handbag, it should easily fit in your baggage. 

Checked-in luggage

  • Suppose you book your luggage online instead of at the airport. Then it will be much cheaper than making the payment at the airport. 
  • For infants, there is no policy regarding luggage allowance. 
  • Infants cannot be included in the pooling of the luggage. 

Baggage policy for the holiday booking:

Regarding holiday packages, there are different conditions for baggage allowance policies. In that case, you must ensure that you have read the guidelines below. 

Checked in luggage 

  • TUI Airways will give you a 15kg luggage allowance, in case you have taken the package holiday. 
  • In some holiday packages, you'll get a budget of 20kg. 

Hand luggage 

  • One-hand baggage is permitted for every individual. It should weigh at most 10kg. 
  • The maximum dimension of the bags should be at most 55x40x20cm.
  • In case you are carrying laptops, hand baggage, etc. Then that must fit inside the bags.  
  • Your hand luggage should be easy enough to lift and put in the overhead storage. 
  • You can get the Trunki case as the hand baggage. However, it should weigh at most 10kg. 

Connect with customer service. 

You can even connect with the customer service team of the TUI. They'll share the information regarding the TUI Airways extra luggage fee. There are many ways to get in touch with TUI Airlines. All the possible paths to connect with them are mentioned below. 

Via call 

  • Phone up on the official TUI Airways number. 
  • You'll come across the IVR menu of TUI Airways. 
  • Select the options which are relevant to your issue. 

That is it. You'll get all the information regarding the baggage policy and its fee. 

Via live chat

  • Open the official TUI website. 
  • The Select the “Contact Us” Page. 
  • Click the live chat option. 
  • A chatbox is going to appear. 
  • You need to choose the options relevant to the baggage query from the box. 

Now the representative is going to provide you with all the details regarding the baggage. Hopefully, your issue regarding the TUI Airways baggage policy is sorted. Now you're ready to fly with them. 

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