Can You Transfer Your Airline Ticket to Someone Else?

All about transferring your flight ticket to someone else. 
Airlines provide all of the services to their passengers. However, one may wonder, “Can you transfer your airline ticket to someone else?” Then the passenger should know that none of the airlines provides the service of transferring your flight ticket to someone else. 

However, what one can do is modify their flight details. All the airlines provide this option to their passenger when they book their flight ticket with them. The service is to modify whatever they want in their flight details. Now, the steps for updating your flight ticket are written below. All you have to do is to follow the process and make the required changes in your flight. 

The Process to Modify your Flight Ticket 

  • The very first of the modification process is to visit the official website of your preferred airlines. 
  • Once you visit the homepage, you will find the option associated with the “Manage Booking” tab, all you are to do is to click on it. 
  • Complete the required details like your last name, and your booking and reference id. And, hit the “submit” button to navigate to your flight details. 
  • Once you have reached your flight details then, you will find the option to modify your flight booking.
  • Modify the details whatever you wish to like your name, date of the departure, or any other flight details. 
  • Hit the confirm or the make changes button to finalize your modified flight details. 
  • Make the payments of flight modifications if it is required. 
  • Then, all you have to do is to wait for the confirmation mail from the official mail address consisting of the modified details of your flight. 

Here are the simple steps to make changes to your flight details. The steps remain the same for whatever is your preferred airline. Now, it is very evident that you can’t transfer flight ticket to another person. Also, the very quick piece of information is that generally, airlines provide you the option of making corrections in your name. But, if you wish to change the name then you will have to provide the documentary evidence. 

Southwest Airlines’ New Fare Category.

Southwest Airlines has taken an initiative to satisfy its passengers even. The services of Southwest airlines are already top-notch with very low fares but now they have introduced Southwest new fare category. The new category will be implied from the second quarter of 2022. But the passengers already seem a lot happy with their initiative. You should refer to the highlights written below to know what is new in this fare category. 

Highlights of Southwest Airlines’ New Fare Category 

  • The “Wanna Get Away plus” is being introduced as the new fare category of Southwest Airlines. 
  • The biggest and the most satisfying piece of information in this new fare category is that now passengers can transfer their credit to someone else. 
  • The category allows the passengers to make the same-day flight changes, and stand by the flight as well as earn 8 Rapidreward points. 
  • As per the category, you can transfer the unused credit travel points provided, you both are the Rapid reward points. 
  • The new benefits of the category include two free checked baggage, no change fees, and free TV, movies, Wi-Fi, and messaging services. 
  • You can switch the flight for free if the seat is available on your preferred airline. 


Now, this is it on the information on the transferring your flight ticket to another person. However, if you have any doubt, then you can directly communicate with the customer care services of your preferred airlines. 

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