How To Know About The Baggage Policy Of Brussels Airlines?

When you plan your travel with Brussels Airlines, you go for advance booking through the online process, on-call from the help of a representative, or you can get the reservation from the airport ticket counter. But while you get your reservation form filled at that time, you will also have to mention the baggage limitations that you want to carry for your trip. So in case you are not aware of Brussels Airlines baggage policy, you must go by the below-mentioned write because within this section, you will gather appropriate information about Brussels Airlines baggage policy.

Tips for Using Brussels Airlines Baggage Policy

  1. Each piece of checked baggage baggage should not exceed the maximum size of 158cm (62.2), which includes pockets, wheels, and handles 
  2. And for additional baggage can only be purchased in advance up to 4 hours before the departure online or through the service center. On the other hand, extra baggage cannot be purchased online after check-in
  3. In case of missing baggage, the passenger should report to the airport staff or security members before leaving the airport\
  4. Or in case of damage to your luggage the n passenger must report this incident as soon as possible and that before leaving airport premises
  5. To know about limitations to the total amount of baggage (free baggage allowance plus excess baggage then restrictions per piece of excess baggage is mentioned here;
  • Maximum number of pieces - 5 pieces per passenger 
  • Maximum weight per piece -32 kg
  • Maximum size per piece - 203cm (L+H+D)
  • And maximum total weight - 100kg (220lbs) per person.

       6. As well as for small sporting equipment may be carried within the passenger's cabin, as hand baggage if the allowance of luggage does not exceed in number, size, or weight

       7. Lastly, at Brussels Airlines, the quantity and weight of the free checked baggage allowance strictly vary according to the itinerary and booking class.

 Hence, if you need to know about Brussels Airlines Baggage Fees, you must go through the simple and most convenient information indicated below for your reference and act accordingly.

  1. 1st piece up to 23 kg -$31 
  2. 1st piece up to 32 kg -$75
  3. 2nd piece up to 23 kg -$60 
  4. 2nd piece up to 32 kg - $75
  5. 3rd to 5th piece up to 23 kg each -$60
  6. 3rd to 5th piece up to 32 kg each -$75.

Therefore, the above-given information for the price is available for check and go baggage at Brussels Airlines. And in case you need more information about the fees for Brussels Airlines baggage policy, you can go for help from the customer service team for their guidance.

However, seek more information about the baggage policy and its fees. You will have to contact the customer care team through the help of Brussels Airlines phone number, by which you will connect with a representative. They will help you out efficiently with the most appropriate tips and methods and expert services are available 24*7 for instant help and guidance of passengers over Brussels Airlines checked baggage or for extra luggage fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

People Traveling with Brussels Airlines have to keep some proper rules in mind before carrying luggage with them. Traveler has to be sure that they are carrying not more than 5 bags and the total weight of the 5 bags do not be exceed from 80kg to 100 kg. It may differ from class to class of the flight booking you have. 

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