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Sun Country Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Sun Country Airlines is an American Ultra-low-cost passenger and cargo airline. It is being termed the eleventh largest in the U.S by the number of passengers it carries. After making a reservation with the airline, the passenger has to cancel it for several reasons, such as the death of a family member or an Unpredictable accident. Passengers are do entitled to a refund from sun country airlines if they do have valid reasons for doing so for specific reasons. A passenger has to cancel the reservation with Sun Country airlines. “Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy” plays a significant role when it comes to knowing about the fact that you wish to avail of its benefits. 

Refund Policy of Sun Country Airlines

  1. If a passenger has made a reservation before 24 hours, they are entitled to a full refund. 
  2. There is a form that is available on their site which says refund policy form. You have to fill in details such as the name of the passenger or PNR number. 
  3. It entirely depends on where you have made your reservation, such as the official counter, Airlines booth. They do provide you with a refund for that particular mode.  
  4. If you cancel the tickets after 24 hours of purchasing, then you might have to pay some penalty in advance, or it will be deducted from your refunds. 
  5. Your refund will be given to you within 7 -20 business working days from the day you raise a request for the same. 

Steps on How you get the refund from Sun Country Airlines

  1. To know about Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy, you have to visit the official website of sun country airlines. 
  2. Click on the booking and provide the booking details during the booking. 
  3. Now select the one you wish to cancel. 
  4.  When you have completed the process of the cancellation, then you have to click on the refund option. 
  5. Here you have to mention the cause of the payment method through which you can quickly get the refund. 
  6. Do click on the submit option and get the refund within seven days, or it entirely depends upon the type of payment you have made.

The above-written ways will guide you about the Sun Country Airlines cancellation as well as refund policy. Apart from that, “Sun Country Airlines Phone Number” is always there to assist its customers. Customers do get the assistant they wish to have at any given point in time. 


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