What is Spirit flight change policy?

When you have made a reservation with Spirit Airlines, but the flight you have selected does not match your requirement, then you can change the same. But changes are subject to policy, and the relevant provision is displayed at the bottom:-

  • Whenever a flight change has occurred within 24 hours of booking, and its departure is more than seven days, then you cannot get paid for extras.
  • When this risk-free time has lapsed, then you could get to pay change fees according to fare rules and routes. 
  • If you have a sickness or medical emergency on the travel date, then also you could gain a free change on the airline. However, you get to submit a document related to it to the airline. 
  • When your flight has been delayed more than four hours without any prior information or involuntarily cancelation occurred, then also you can change a flight without any extra cost.
  • When a booking has been made with the travel agent, then you get to reach out to them, not the airline.

How Can I change my flight on Spirit without a penalty? 

Whenever you change a flight on Spirit Airline then, a penalty could be applied for the same. However, there are certain circumstances for Spirit to modify flights without paying any extra, and those are as follows:-

  • When you have purchased a fare at least seven days prior to the day of departure, then a change could be made without paying any additional sum. 
  • You can get a complimentary change if you purchase a flexible fare. 
  • When you are a member of the Spirit Save club then, also you can change a flight without paying any additional sum. 

How much are the charges for flight change on Spirit?

When you get to switch flights on Spirit Airlines, then you could acquire a grace period for the same. Further, when you do not qualify for a free change, then you could have to pay the penalty, and the estimated spirit airlines change flight fee could be between $30 to $250.

How do I avoid change fees on Spirit?

On Spirit Airlines, you can change to a new flight and also avoid its additional costs. And the circumstances under that you can perform those are displayed at the bottom:-

  • Change a flight within 24 hours of reservation, but there has to be a difference of seven days between ticket purchase and flight departure.
  • You can redeem any vouchers or coupons to make a payment for the same. 
  • If you are holding an elite status, then you can use miles to pay change fees. 
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