Spirit Airlines Name Change/Update – Terms & Conditions

What is Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy?

When the passengers plan their trip and book a flight, there is a slight chance of any mistake. But if someone has purchased the ticket for the passengers, they could make mistakes in it. In such a situation, the passengers have to make changes in their Name, date of birth, or something else. For that, they need to know the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy so that they can get an idea that in what circumstances they are allowed to change their names and how they could make changes to their flight tickets. As it becomes necessary for further documentation that the passengers should have correct names with correct spelling in their documents so that they should not face any issues.

Name Change Policy of Spirit Airlines

  • If the passengers have to make minor changes, such as correcting a misspelled name, they are allowed to do it without any name change fee.
  • The passengers need not change their middle and second Name as Spirit Airlines does not require it.
  • If the passengers are making significant changes such as name change, date of birth, contact or passport information, or gender, then the documents will be needed for the same respectively.
  • Big changes will not be allowed free of cost.

How Can I Change the Name on Spirit Airlines Flight?

It is necessary that passengers should be aware of the Spirit Airlines Name update Policy and procedure through which they can change the Name on their Spirit Airlines flight ticket so that they could change them without making any mistakes:

  • Visit the official Website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on My Trip at the top left.
  • Fill in the details such as Last Name and Confirmation Code.
  • Go to the Booking Summary page and click on My Menu.
  • Click on Change and Select the needed option from Flight, Date, and Name change.
  • Follow the further instructions and make changes.

What Types of Names Passengers Can Change on flight Tickets?

There are many changes that passengers are allowed and not allowed to make in their names. All the information about it is given below:

  • The passengers can add on into the initials of their Name.
  • They can make changes to their middle names.
  • The spelling mistakes are allowed to be corrected by the passengers.
  • They can add or change their surname by submitting the required documents.
  • Passengers are not allowed to change their Names.

How much does it cost to change the Name on a Spirit flight ticket?

If passengers are making changes, they should know the Spirit Airlines Name Change fee that is required to go further with the name change. If the changes are minor, then they are allowed to do them free of cost. But with other changes, the name correction of up to 3 letters will cost $225 with the documents that will be required according to the changes they are making. 

The above information will enlighten the passengers on everything that will be related to the name change. The Policy, the procedure, and the cost everything has been given. The passengers need to read it carefully and follow it. If they face additional difficulties, they can contact the customer service of Spirit Airlines by visiting their official Website.

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