Can You Change the Name on Singapore Air Tickets?

You can make an update on your flight ticket if you have mistakenly sent it with the wrong details. These details can cause problems during the paperwork and make your process quick and error-free with the help of the Singapore airlines Name Change Policy. The airline makes it more simple when it comes to a flight change. You can change your flight details without paying any fee if you do that within the time limit given by the airline.

Flight Name Change Policies are as Follows:

  • The airline does not allow you to change the complete name. Rather than that, you need to change your flight information, or you can make corrections on details before the flight's departure. 
  • Changing in-flight details such as names cannot be done by phone.

If You Want to Update the Name, Please be Aware of the Airline's Rules During Name Change.

  • You can correct your name by up to 3 characters.

  • You can correct the salutation in your text.
  • You can correct the married or unmarried status.
  • Moreover, you can add your middle name.
  • While adding or updating your name, you need to keep your valid citizen id; otherwise, it would be difficult for you to update your name again.
  • You can change the name after contacting Singapore Airlines; while contacting, keep all the valid details used during the booking process.

Mistakes in your details can give rise to a big problem when boarding the flight because the name is the key to everything. It is your identity; if your identity gets misspelled, then it is necessary to change it immediately with the help of the following process written below:

Singapore Airline's Name Change Process

  • Visit the official site of Singapore Airlines.
  • Then go to the manage booking section,
  • In the manage booking section, fill your booking reference number and last name.
  • You will get the flight change option mentioned in the list of flight options.
  • Now you can make changes in the respective name on the flight reservation.
  • The page will ask for the legal documents for verification after verifying.
  • You are all set to make the payment from different modes of payment.
  • After payment, you will get a receipt and confirmation message on your mail-id.

The airline charge an extra amount for making some changes according to Singapore airline's Name Change Fee rules. To add the middle name, you need to pay 300$; other than that, the name correction fee is around 200$. Due to marriage or divorce and in some other circumstances, the name change fees would be around 250$.

Note that changing in name can also charge extra due to fare differences. Be aware and avoid any mistakes while booking a flight.

Go through this article; if you have any doubt, then again, read it carefully, or you can contact Singapore Airlines customer support.

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