How Do I Upgrade My Seat From Economy to Business in Lot Polish Airlines?

When a traveler traveling with Lot Polish Airlines makes a reservation in economy class, they are willing to upgrade their seat to business class. In that case, airlines allow their passengers to upgrade their flight tickets. One should know lot polish airlines seat upgrade policy and seat change policy; before moving further for making any changes, go through the policies given below and get help in upgrading the seat. 

Seat Upgrade and Change Policy of Lot Polish Airlines

There are certain rules and regulations for upgrading the flight ticket of Lot airlines. You don't have to worry because you are on the right page. Now read the points given below:

  1. passenger can only do seat upgrades 3 hours before the flight's departure.
  2. The benefit of Lot upgraded seats are not available on all routes.
  3. The automatic seat upgrade is available for all the passengers of economy class.
  4. Passenger can upgrade their seat by putting their names on the standby list.

How to Upgrade Seat of Lot Polish Airlines?

Lot Polish airlines allow their passenger to upgrade their flight ticket from economy class to business class. There are different ways to upgrade the seat; read them below:

Through award miles: after booking the flight, you notice that you have an award miles f Lot Polish Airlines. Then you can use it to upgrade the seat. 

  1. Download the application of Lot Polish airlines on your mobile phone 
  2. Log in to the account by entering your credentials
  3. Go to "my bookings" and enter the date of the journey 
  4. Select the ticket you want to upgrade and click on" upgrade seat."
  5. Out of the following options, select "award miles point."
  6. And you will receive a confirmation mail of seat upgrade on your registered mail ID.

Through standby list: This standby list is usually for those passengers whose tickets are in waiting or who have missed their flight and want to board the next flight, but Lot Airlines allows their passenger to upgrade their flight tickets through the standby list. You have to put your name on the standby list by contacting the airlines through a phone call or visiting the reservation department. You must wait for the airlines to revert to you if there is any available ticket in business class.

How to Check the Seat Upgrade Updates?

Suppose a passenger has applied for the seat upgrade from economy class to business and wants to know the Lot polish seat update. In that case, they can call the customer care executive of Lot Polish airlines or check for the email or text message on the registered email id and phone number. To contact the airlines through a phone, the passenger has to go to their website, select the region and visit the coaster support page. Dial the contact number on the screen, give your details and ask for updates on a seat upgrade.

By reading the lot airlines seat change policy and upgrade policy, you can upgrade your flight ticket. For any query related to seat upgrade or change, you can contact the customer care executive of the airline.

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