How Many Kgs of Luggage are Allowed on Royal Air Maroc Flight for Free?

Free baggage information, you can get from the Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy because this depends on the type of fare you have brought, the class you are traveling with, or under which loyalty program you fall. All this you can find out on your ticket, or if you are not able to get then, you can approach the customer service of Royal Air Maroc and shorten your issue.

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy

Further, by going through the Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy, you might not face any doubt regarding the baggage, and the details about the policy have been raised at the bottom.

  • Carry-on Baggage:- for the Royal Air Maroc baggage carry-on, you get to carry only one piece of baggage, which dimension should not exceed 115 cm total, and the maximum weight of 10 kg is allowed.
  • Checked:- and for the checked baggage which is allowed by the airline is between one to three, this is according to the network and the class, and the dimension of the baggage should not exceed 203 in total. Further, the allowed weight is between 23kg to 32 kg maximum, which also depends on the type of class, network, and loyalty status.
  • Excess Baggage:- in order to carry more than the allowed luggage then, you have to pay the Royal Air Maroc extra baggage price, and the price will depend on the kg, special item, or dimension or number you are exceeding. And if you are exceeding then on which class or route or member you are, your fare is decided, and you will be charged. But for the domestic flight, you will charge around $64; for the international route, the maximum charge could be $115.
  • Special Baggage:- there are certain things you can carry on as a special requirement, and the things that fall under this include the battery-powered wheelchair, but the wheelchair battery has to be a fixed baby stroller or walker.
  • Sports Equipment:- When carrying sports equipment, the Royal Air Maroc Baggage Fee for sports equipment is different for domestic and international route travelers. So, for the domestic flight, you could be charged a maximum of $114; if you are on an international flight, then the maximum charge for this is $342. But this fee varies according to your type of call and the route. And to know about the exact fare applied o your equipment can be verified by the customer service at the airport only, or you can get the idea about that from the customer service team by using the online mode.

Moreover, you will not have any issues regarding the Royal Air Maroc baggage size, fee, special baggage, and sports equipment. Still, you do then contact the customer service team of Royal Air Maroc.

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