How Many Bags Can You Take on JSX?

JSX is a hop-on jet service that provides private air travel with commercial fares. You will get all the facilities without any hassle, long wait time and many other things. If you are booking the JSX and want to know about their baggage policies and charges, then you need to read the article till the end, and below are the following that is mentioned correctly. 

Baggage allowance in JSX:-

Passengers are allowed to carry 2 bags that weight will 50 lb per bag without any extra charges. You can also carry 3 bags, and the weight will be the same each. If you have any extra and overweight baggage, then that will be added to additional fees. If you carry any overweight luggage, you can get in touch with customer services 48 hours before your scheduled flight. 

Moreover, you can take one personal bag on board, but the size will be underweight, and that bag's maximum dimensions are 13 inches width x 11 height x 17 length/depth. If you carry an over size bag, then that will be checked. 

The Baggage Policy of JSX:-

Here are some JSX baggage policy that you need to know while traveling, below are the following that mentioned:-

  • The baggage that you carry will be 50 lb weight each. 
  • The dimensions of your bags will be 13 x11 x17 inches. If the size is over, then that will be checked in at the airport. 
  • You are allowed to carry 2-3 bags if you make the bags size underweight or perfectly fitted. 
  • You are permitted to carry one personal bag onboard that fits underneath the seat that is in front of you. 
  • If you carry bags that are overweight and extra luggage, then you are applied to pay the additional charges.

Extra Baggages charges of JSX:-

If you want to know about the jsx extra baggage fee that you need to pay if you take excess luggage, then that will cost all the passengers the exact amount, and for each luggage, they charge $50 per bag. 

Hope that all the details that are mentioned will be helpful for you to get more information regarding JSX then, connect with customer services and also don’t forget to check out our other articles for more details

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