Is Delta better than American Airlines?

No, Delta is not better than American Airlines, and both airlines are in close competition when compared on different scales, which are comfort, flight availability, safety, and much more.

If you are curious about which airline is better, delta or American, the comparison between the two airlines given below will lead you to the answer. 

American Airlines inflight experience: Customers can get high-speed Wifi and a range of inflight entertainment options. You can get fresh coffee, tea, juice, water, and soft drinks, along with complimentary snacks onboard. You can choose from various options like Vegetarian meals, Gluten-free, Hindu, Kosher, Lacto Ovo Vegetarian, and much more.

Delta Airlines inflight experience:

You can get more than 1000 hours of free entertainment along with complimentary earbuds. There are 12 channels of live satellite TV with the latest movies and series.

Delta Airlines is not far behind when it comes to inflight food and beverage as the airline provides different meals like food for diabetic passengers, low sodium meals, vegetarian, and low cholesterol meals that fulfill the needs of special dietary requirements. 

Punctuality: Delta Airlines has an on-time arrival rate of 82%, whereas American Airlines' on-time performance is a bit lower at 72%.

Which airline is safer: Delta or American Airlines?

Both the airlines, Delta and American, are safe, and the reason is given below.

  • Delta Airlines has planes that are equipped with safety equipment, and the staff is highly qualified and trained in dealing with difficult situations like medical emergencies and other technical difficulties. The airline regularly updates its safety procedures so that the customers can feel safe.
  • American Airlines is also known to have one of the airlines that has the latest technologies in their planes to handle emergency situations. The cabin crew is well-trained to follow safety rules and regulations and take care of the passengers in the event of an emergency.

Why is Delta better than other airlines?

Delta is better than other airlines because of the factors below.

  • Destinations: The airline offers connectivity to more than 250 destinations across the globe and serves more than 1000 destinations in 180 countries. With other airlines, you do not get too many options to select from.
  • Credit cards: You can get four cards at Delta and take advantage of the benefits like accumulating miles on Delta purchases, restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels. You get the benefit of priority boarding and check-in baggage allowance for free. Passengers can get cashback on inflight purchases.
  • Loyalty programs: You can earn miles by flying with Delta or the partner airlines and use the miles to get flight tickets for free or at a lower price. Other than flights, miles can be redeemed for hotel stays, seat upgrades, access to lounges, and merchandise.

Why is Delta considered the best airline?

Delta is considered the best airline because, when compared to other airlines, the customers get a good overall experience, and the customer service is exceptional. The airline ranks high in reliability and on-time performance, which is most desired by air travelers.

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