How to apply voucher on Turkish Airlines?

Traveling to your desired destination with Turkish Airlines is a good experience as you can get the facilities like multi-city bookings, quick refunds on the cancelation, etc. They also provide you vouchers which you can use for different things such as flight reservations, booking upgrades, adding special assistance in bookings, etc. If you have a Turkish Airlines voucher that you want to use but need details about the ways of using the voucher, then you have to read below. 

  • Via online website: When you make any flight reservation or modification in your bookings through the official website, then, in the payment section, you can see the option of the voucher. Select that mode and then mention your voucher details.
  • Reach the airport counter: If you are making any flight reservations or managing your bookings, you can give your voucher details representative available at the airport counter to make the payments. 

Turkish Voucher Terms and Conditions:

Having the details about the terms and conditions of Turkish Airlines vouchers is essential as it will guide you on where you can use the voucher and the validity of your voucher. 

  • The voucher can be used by only that passenger whose name is listed on the voucher. No other passenger can travel on that voucher, and the maximum number of vouchers the passenger can add is three. 
  • The passengers can only use the vouchers for Turkish airlines, which are not allowed on partner airlines or SPA flights. 
  • By using the voucher, you can not make payments for a child passenger who is traveling alone, and to use the voucher for infant passengers, there must be one adult passenger traveling with them. 
  • If your voucher exceeds the ticket fare, you will receive another voucher for the remaining value. 
  • The passenger can only use the vouchers issued in exchange for international flights for international travel, and the voucher issued by the airlines for domestic travel can be used by the passenger only on domestic flights. 

How long are Turkish Airlines vouchers valid?

The vouchers of Turkish Airlines are valid for 2 years from the issuing date, but if you cannot use the voucher before the expiration date, then you can extend the limit of your voucher, but there must be some charges which you have to pay. 

How do I use my Turkish Airlines refund voucher?

You can use the voucher from Turkish Airlines by reaching on their website, and if you need more information about the process, follow the steps below. 

  • Search for the Turkish Airlines website 
  • Go on the new flight booking option and mention the travel dates
  • After this, you have to fill out the destination name and class of your bookings 
  • Then mention the passenger details, such as complete name, contact number, etc., and submit the details 
  • Next, select the mode of the voucher and then log in to your Turkish Airlines account
  • Lastly, you have to mention the voucher number and pay the charges. 

Can I use Turkish Airlines voucher online?

Yes, you can use the voucher of Turkish Airlines by visiting their official website; when you make a reservation, under the section of payments, you can see the voucher option in which you have to mention the details about the voucher. 


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