How to Talk to a Live Person in Asiana Airlines?

Are you looking for information on how to contact a live person from Asiana Airlines? The customer service team at Asiana Airlines is critical in responding to all sorts of questions from anxious passengers. Regardless of the fact that the airlines have a variety of ways to contact its customer service team, the percentage of clients choose to speak with a real human. You can call an Asiana Airlines customer service person in any scenario, whether you've just booked a flight or not. More information on how to speak with a live person in Asiana Airlines can be obtained from the section below.

Proces to Speak To an Asiana Airlines Representative:

Asiana Airlines delivers excellent customer service to those who are looking for solutions to their problems in a variety of ways. Customers, on the other hand, prefer to speak with live representative from customer service department in order to obtain quick, real-time replies. The Asiana Airlines phone number, unlike other methods, allows people to speak with a real person, as explained below.

  1. Customers are free to call Asiana Airlines' dedicated phone line for assistance and talk with a real human at the support center.
  2. The Airlines phone number could be found on its official website, which is operational to offer help to consumers 24 hours a day.
  3. When you really need to speak with a live representative about a problem, simply contact the customer support phone number.
  4. You would first hear an automated voice, which will give you the directions one by one for transferring the call to a human operator.
  5. The Asiana Airlines customer service number is perhaps the most efficient way to get help from a live agent by speaking over phone.

How To Contact Asiana Airlines in other ways?

Aside from the contact number, Asiana Airlines offers a range of ways to contact customer support. Other options to reach Asiana Airlines include email, live chat, and social media. To learn more about other methods of contacting Asiana Airlines customer service check the instructions below.

  1. By visiting Asiana Airlines' official site, you may start a live chat session to reach a representative from the airline's support team (1-802-216-4422). Once you ask the question into the chat window, and a professional would be appointed by the airline for helping with the query you have asked.
  2. Another option to reach customer service is to submit Asiana Airlines a query about flights through its official email, for which a team of executives replies to every client questions.
  3. You may explore Asiana Airlines' help forums on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and many others, to get the most up-to-date information about the airline's flight operation.

You may discover how to contact a live representative at Asiana Airlines by dialing the phone number and speaking with them directly over the phone about a query from the details mentioned above. In addition, you may learn about alternative ways to contact Asiana Airline's customer service department if you are unable to reach their phone number. All of the options to receive assistance from the customer service are aimed to provide clients with the best possible service.

How do I Get the Contact Number of Asiana Airlines?

There are two ways to get the Asiana Airlines mobile apps and a web page. For that, you must follow the following steps are:

By Mobile App:

  • Download the app of the airline>>> tap on the contact page>>> get theAsiana Airlines Contact Number”>>> call the customer care representative>>> Talk with the airline's helpdesk person.

Through Web Page:

  • Open the web browser of Asiana Airlines>>> under the contact page, find the contact number of the airlines>>>dial it according to your problem>>> then, the call will redirect to the service spokesperson and talk to you.

Asiana Airlines Customer Service Phone Number


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How do I Contact Asiana Airlines Support?

There are many modes from which you will contact the Asiana Airlines support person by IVR method of calling, live chat, mail, complaint form, and social media. However, Asiana Airlines is good to know for providing good customer service to their voyagers with the best services. Therefore, every person can ask and find the mods of How do I Contact Asiana Airlines Support? Thus, for this reason, Asiana Airlines will make and grow their contact modes to talk with them and know if they face any problems through these mediums. In addition, if you also face any issues, it is compulsory to speak with the live person of Asiana Airlines.

Is There a Live Agent Can I talk to at Asiana Airlines?

Yes, there is a live agent from which you will talk at Asiana Airlines by phone call the IVR method. In addition, here, you will see your query will resolve. Is There a Live Agent Can I talk to at Asiana Airlines? So, for that, you must follow the steps for calling by IVR:

  • Dial the number of Asiana airlines.
  • Then, your call will automate on the IVR mode.
  • Press 1 to choose the language.
  • So, press 2 for the reservation of the flight.
  • Then, press 3 for refunding and cancellation of the flight.
  • Press 4 to know the flight status of delaying/ on time.
  • Press 7 for talking with the live agent of Asiana Airlines.

How do I Get in Touch with Asiana Airlines to Report a Problem?

Moreover, there has an option of getting in touch with Asiana Airlines to report a problem by contact form. So, here you will see the query of How do I Get in Touch with Asiana Airlines to Report a Problem? Will solve appropriately. For that, you must follow the steps are given below are

  • Visit the contact page under Asiana Airlines. 
  • Find the contact form option and open the contact form link. 
  • Enter all essential details which this form has been required to fill out
  • Then, report the problem that you are facing. 
  • After that, you have to share your contact information by mail and phone number.
  • After receiving it, the airlines will call you or send you a reply to your mail. 
  • And with this, you will get in touch with the live person of the customer service person.

How do I Chat with a Live Person at Asiana Airlines?

However, if you want to talk to the Live person at Asiana via chat, here your problem will resolve regarding How do I Chat a Live Person at Asiana Airlines? So, for that, first, you must go to the web page of Asiana airlines>>>there, you will find the chat option with a live person at Asiana Airlines>>>open this and share your queries with them and ask what do you want to know from them.

Does Asiana Airlines Still have a Live Chat Option?

Yes, Asiana Airlines have the live chat option. However, if you face issues and look or search for Does Asiana Airlines Still have Live Chat Option?, there has an extra vote from which you can do a live chat with the live representative of Asiana Airlines. Therefore, you must download the app of airlines>>> here; you will see the chat board that can pop up on your screen. In addition, the chat person will send you some option to choose your problem regarding this>>> then, after sharing, the airline person will resolve it instantly



Frequently Asked Questions

However, if you are getting trouble connecting with Asiana Airlines in Jakarta airport customer care, then you can use this helpline number (62-21-8082-2291-2), which you will quickly get in touch with a live person. 

  • At first, you will have to open your phone dial pad
  • There you need to enter the phone mentioned above number 
  • After which, you make a call on the number 
  • Once your call is connected, then you need to press 1 or 2 to select your language (English or Spanish)
  • Now, ahead to this once again, you will have to go through the IVR instructions of the expert
  • Where you might have to press *, after which your call will transfer to expert 
  • In the end, you might have to wait for 5-10 minutes until your call connects with a live person.


Next, suppose you have to start talking with the Asiana airlines customer service agent at Manila airport. In that case, you will have to use the customer care number, which is (+63-2-5310—2173), by which you will quickly come in contact with a live person in real-time to know about the information like following flight timing or what is the flight rescheduling process at Manila airport for Asiana airlines

Suppose you need to connect with Asiana Airlines at the airport. In that case, you will have to use this helpline number (63-32-494-7645-6), which will help you connect with a customer service representative who is active round the clock, and once your call connects, you will get appropriate assistance from the expert

To communicate with Asiana airlines in Sydney, you will have to use the customer care number, (+82 2 2669 1166), and to operate it well, use this IVR commands.

  • Dial the number mentioned above from your phone 
  • After that, press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish
  • Then, again go through the voicemail instructions and press 9 
  • This IVR command will connect you with a live representative within 2 to 3 minutes.

In case you are traveling with Asiana airlines which is not direct to your destination and has halted in the Philippines. You do not know the timings for your current flight reaching the Philippines and by what time your connecting flight will take off. So, in such a matter, the most suitable option you can choose will be to contact the Asiana Airlines Philippine office by using (1-800-227-4262 or +1(802)-216-4422), after you will quite quickly get in touch with a representative after following the IVR instructions.

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