Fundamental Procedure to Contact Air Senegal

Air Senegal began its journey as the national airline of Senegal in 2018. After Senegal Airlines ran out of business, it was launched as its substitute. It is associated with the African airlines association. It flies to more than 15 international countries. It commenced its flights to the United States in 2021, an unusual step in its growth.

You can contact Air Senegal with the help of the modes discussed below:

Directly Call to "Senegal phone number"

Please refer to the steps given below to talk with Air Senegal:

  • Visit the website of Air Senegal, www.flyairsenegal.com.
  • Go to the Contact Us option.
  • Proceed to call on the Air Senegal customer care Phone Number, +1(802)-216-4422/+18774119134.
  • Soon you will get to hear from their representative.
  • Please listen and talk to the Air Senegal representative with politeness.

Via live chat:

Customers can speak to the Air Senegal representative in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of Air Senegal.
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • Go to the Ask us by Chat option present at the bottom of the page.
  • You can chat in the chatbot with their virtual assistant.
  • Click on cancel chat as you finish your conversation.

With these modes, you can contact Air Senegal Customer Service and get your query resolved. 

Where is Air Senegal based?

Air Senegal is based in Dakar, Senegal. The main operating airport of this airline is Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS). 

 Air Senegal main designation 

Senegal flies to many destinations in different countries. A list of a few cities and the airports it flies to is below:

  • Dakar city in Senegal with the base at Blaise Diagne International Airport
  • Ziguinchor in Senegal at Ziguinchor Airport
  • Baltimore in the United States at Baltimore/Washington International Airport
  • Milan in Italy at Milan Malpensa Airport
  • New York City in the USA at JFK airport

What is the best time to call Air Senegal?

The best time to call Air Senegal is early morning hours. The main reason to call during this time is that fewer people call. So the hold time is less, and you can quickly talk on the Air Senegal Contact Number at the help desk.

What terminal is Air Senegal at JFK?

 JFK is the main airport that serves New York City and is located in the Queens neighborhood. Air Senegal is one of the 70 airlines that operate from JFK. Air Senegal uses Terminal 1 at JFK for the departure of its flights. The arrival terminal is also the same for this airline in JFK. 


Phone Call Us: +1(802)-216-4422 click to call
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