How to change Delta flights?

Customers flying with Delta Airlines have the ability to make changes to their reservations at any time. The airline is aware that there are some circumstances in which it is required to make adjustments to a travel reservation that has already been made. Because of the accommodating nature of Delta's policies regarding flight changes, this service encourages customers to book their travel arrangements with the airline.

The process to Change Delta flights online

Through the website of the Delta airline, you will be able to make reservations, as well as make any necessary adjustments to your travel plans. The ability to make travel changes online offers the possibility of the quickest resolution. It is possible to make changes to your ticket online, even using your mobile device. Therefore, checking the website is advised in order to change to a new flight.

  • Goto official domain of Delta airlines
  • To access your account,  sign in with your delta account. 
  • Next, select “My Trips”. 
  • To locate your flights with Delta,  you will need to provide the confirmation number as well as the passenger’s last name.
  • Select search. 
  • On the next page, you will find all your flights with the airline. Choose the one in which you want to make changes. 
  • Click on cancel or change the flight. 
  • Next click on the edit button. 
  • Include a destination, a departure date, and the class type. 
  • Now you will see many flight options. Choose one. 
  • Click “Continue”. 
  • Now pay any difference amount. 
  • You will receive a confirmation mail and a new flight ticket on your registered email id. 


If you have any additional queries about How to Change Delta Flights? You will be able to make any necessary adjustments to your journey by going to the airport. For assistance with this matter, please visit the airport's help desk. Notify the representative working in customer service about your intention to change your ticket. You will need to provide them with your registration number as well as the traveler's last name. Give them the details of the new travel reservation you would like to make. You will receive a new flight ticket after paying any applicable additional fees.

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