How to book wheelchairs for airlines?

It is the vacation time in one’s office when one likes to take some time off and spend quality time with friends and family. Take some of your close ones, elders, friends, and parents with you to have a great time. If you are taking your grandparents or other elderly members of your family and they require some special assistance like a wheelchair due to mobility issues, and you are wondering how to book wheelchair for airlines then you do not have to worry as primarily every airline provides this service and to know more about this policy, you must go through this article in detail.

Book wheelchairs for airlines through their official websites:

If you are looking for easy options and trying to avail yourself of the special assistance service online, follow some simple steps to request this service. Every airline website has an option so that you can get details regarding your booking- it will have different names like- ‘my trips’ or ‘manage to book’. Follow the steps as you head further in the process.

  • Visit the airline’s official website.
  • Click on the ‘manage booking/my trips’ option.
  • Enter your booking details- your booking reference and your last name.
  • Check the booking details.
  • Navigate to the next page and click on ‘special assistance.’ Continue with the option.
  • A special assistance form will open. Fill in all the details of the member you request special assistance for. Provide the name, age, and everything that has been asked.
  • Attach the required medical certificates and make the necessary payment (if required).

Book a wheelchair for airlines by making a phone call:

You can make a special assistance request through a phone call. Feel free to reach the customer support department at any time. You will easily find the airline's phone number on their official website or search it on search engines. A representative will get connected with you, and you can ask them to avail you of special assistance on your booking. Please provide them with the required details as they must confirm your booking and make changes accordingly.


It is easy to make changes to your booking with any airline. You can find almost all sorts of information on the airline's official websites.


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