How much is Baggage on LOT Polish Airlines?

Sometimes, your bags exceed the general requirements of LOT airlines. For this, you need to pay the fees for the excess luggage that you can read further:

  1. For the domestic flight journey, if your bag is over 158 cm but fewer than 203 cm, you need to pay a fee of 55 USD.
  2. If your bag is in excess of 23 kg, but less than 32 kg, you need to pay the charges of 74 USD.
  3. For the international flight journey, oversized bags need to pay the cost of 90 USD.
  4. The excess weight charge for the bags in the international flight journey will be 150 USD.

Does LOT Airlines include Baggage?

Yes, LOT airlines allow you to board the flight with maxim luggage on the journey. Thus, you can read some terms and conditions of baggage on your travel with LOT airlines that are given below:

Carryon bags:

  1. For the business class, you can carry up to 2 bags of weight that must not cross 9 kgs.
  2. For the premium economy class, you can carry up to 2 bags that must not exceed 12 kg in weight. 
  3. For economy class passengers, LOT airlines allow you to carry one bag of 8 kg in weight.
  4. The dimensions of each luggage must be 55 X 40 X 23 cm in height, width, and depth.
  5. Your carry-on luggage must fit properly in the overhead locker in front of you during the journey.
  6. Including this, you can take one hand luggage with dimensions not more than 40 X 35 X 12 cm. The weight of the handbag can be 2 kg in total. 
  7. If the carry-on luggage exceeds the general requirements, you need to pay the charges or fees to take the bags.

Checked bags:

To know about checked luggage, you can read the below instructions:

  1. LOT airlines business class passengers are allowed to carry three checked bags of weight up to 32 kg of each bag.
  2. For the premium economy, passengers can carry two bags of weight up to 23 kg of each bag.
  3. For the economy class, passengers are allowed to board two bags of weight up to 23 kg in total. 
  4. The total dimensions of each checked bag must not exceed 158 cm in height, width, and depth. 
  5. If your checked luggage exceeds the free-of-cost requirements, additional charges will be incurred at the time of boarding. 

How many bags are allowed in LOT Polish Airlines?

When it comes to traveling, our luggage becomes extremely important, but you cannot carry as much as you want to. You need to abide by the rules of LOT Polish Airlines. These so-called baggage directives are elaborated for your reference.

Generally, there are two types of bags that you can carry with you, namely, Carryon Baggage and Checked Baggage. The number of bags plus what size of bags you can carry also depends on the distance you are going to travel. Distinct baggage statutes are there for long-haul flights and short-haul flights. This article tries to comprehend with baggage policy of this airline.

Baggage policy of LOT airlines:-  

Whether you are going to travel for a longer distance or shorter, the points you need to remember for your Carry-on and checked baggage are as follows: Your Carry-on luggage should get fitted in the overhead locker on board or under the passenger seat in front. 

  1. Every item dimension of baggage should not exceed height of 55cm, width of 40cm, and depth of 23cm.
  2. a handbag/men's bag (max. 2kg, dimensions 40 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm), 
  3. And a laptop, an umbrella or a small photo camera or a pair of binoculars can also be carried.
  4. Each item dimension of checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm (height + width + depth) or 23kg of weight.
  5. If the above-allowed limits in terms of weight, quantity, or dimensions exceed, you will be liable to pay an additional charge.

How Much is Extra Baggage Charges on LOT Polish?

Sometimes it happens that the standards are to mold as per the urgent need of the passenger, so yes, there is a provision to carry extra baggage provided that you will be charged with additional fees. So if you are looking to know how much s extra baggage charges on LOT polish, you got to continue reading.  The charge ranges between 90USD to 150USD if you are going to travel by international flight.

  1.  If it is a domestic flight, then the charge ranges from 55USD to74USD. 
  2. These standards are similar for long and short-distance flights and also for carry-on and checked baggage.

How do I add baggage to my lot?

There exists a defined procedure to add baggage to your lot. Given stepping stones will help in the process. 

  1. You can buy additional baggage during the booking process.  
  2. If you need to add it later, then you can do it through the Managing Booking tab provided on the home page of official website of LOT Airlines.
  3. However, it is recommended that you should purchase it no later than 24 hours before departure.

Lot Polish Airlines Baggage Lost.

It’s pretty standard that passengers might lose their baggage at the airport or at the time of check-in, or they haven’t yet received their bags after they land. So, in such circumstances, the most common way to get help on such issues is only one, and that is to report your baggage lost with the customer care help desk, which is the service you will get within airport premises hassle-free. There are other ways to report such problems, and once you read the following section, you will get appropriate information.

  1. Report at Airport help desk: For such service, you must first arrive at the airport and go to the lost baggage office, then report to the agent about your baggage loss and provide them with complete bag details.
  2. Report via phone: You even get the option of reporting baggage lost via phone in case you left the airport in a hurry, and then you can call the customer service number +1 (212) 789-0970 and speak with a representative about your query.
  3. Request for lost baggage via online form: If you cannot report luggage lost via office or phone, then another best way to get help is the Lot Polish airline complaint form, wherein you can drop your message as per your issue with complete information.

Lot Polish Airlines Lost Baggage Claims.

Suppose if you need to claim lost baggage at Lot Polish Airline, then you need to fill out a form which is an online complaint form, and to learn about such preferences, you must follow the basic set of points which are discussed here below for your help.

  1. Go to the official website of Lot Polish Airlines. 
  2. Now, click on the help center option. 
  3. Here you get different options to choose your issue (select baggage option)
  4. Next, you get the complaint form link on the page and hit the icon. 
  5. After this, the form pages opens, and therein fill in details like personal data, contact address, flight information, and baggage details and attach a file if necessary. 
  6. At last, click on submit option, and you get a confirmation mail on the registered id.

Lot Polish Airlines Lost and Found

In case you were in a hurry, you left your baggage on board, and you are worried about it. So, for such scenarios, the airline will transfer or hand your bag to the flight crew, and they handover it over to the lost and found department at the destination airport. Finally, you can contact the lost and found department, and that information you can get from the official website of Lot Polish airlines.

Lot Polish Airlines Delayed Baggage Compensation.

If you were kept waiting by Lot Polish Airline due to a flight delay, then you are permitted to check compensation as a traveler. Therefore, if Lot Polish airline is accountable for delay, then according to EU regulation, the passenger is owed up to $700 per person when delayed by 3 hours or more. But, note that for delayed compensation, Lot Polish Airline will firstly verify all the delayed information for the flight, and accordingly, you will get delay claims.

Henceforth, if you need to know more regarding baggage compensation, claim cost, and baggage loss then you must contact the customer service executive as they will assist you with your query hassle-free.

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