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How Much Does It Cost To Check a Bag on Breeze Airlines?

Breeze airlines are a low-cost US-based airline. They always serve the best flight to their customers to major destinations. As a low-cost airline, breeze airlines offer a basic fare called nice fare. It includes a small personal item called a carry-on bag. The breeze nicer fare includes both carry-on bag and checked bag. To fly with breeze airlines, most of the customers ask how much does it cost to check a bag on breeze airlines? Therefore to get this answer, you need t9 understand the baggage policy of breeze airways. You can also get in touch with a customer representative to know about the baggage fee. 

Types of breeze airlines seats to get baggage allowance:

They offer two types of classes to travel nice and nicer. Economy class of the passenger would be considered to be the nice fare and premium economy considered to be the nicer fare as per the breeze airways.

Important points about the breeze airlines baggage policy:

For travellers who are concerned about the baggage limit of the airline, they can visit the breeze airline baggage help page at your browser or can follow the below points:

1. Carry-on baggage:

  1. As per the carry-on baggage policy, passengers can bring one personal item included in the ticket price of dimension not more than 17*13*8 inches ad weight up to 16 kg.
  2. The airline allows you to carry one carry-on baggage per traveller of dimensions not more than 22*14*9.

2. Checked baggage:

  • As per the airline checked baggage policy, one checked baggage for nice fares is allowed, included in the ticket price.
  • The total dimension and weight of the checked baggage cannot exceed 62 linear inches and 22 kg.
  • Travellers can also purchase up to three checked baggage as per the airline rules.
  • Checked baggage of dimensions 80 linear inches will not be accepted for check-in.

Contact The Customer Care Team of Breeze Airlines:

If you found that you are unable to understand the baggage policy with the above points or online, you can contact the breeze customer support team anytime over call, chat, email or social media. To solve the baggage problem, you can dial the breeze Airways phone number available at the breeze airlines website in the contact section. After dialling the number, follow the below IVR commands carefully:

  1. Press 1 to select the language
  2. Press 2 for new reservations.
  3. Press 3 for modifications in existing reservations.
  4. Press 4 baggage policy of the breeze airlines.
  5. Press 5 to change or cancel the flight.
  6. Press 7 to speak with the customer representative, and you will be connected to the executive in few minutes.

You can also connect with the live person at the chat. You need to go to the contact section at chat us method and start a chat about the breeze airlines baggage policy and baggage allowance fee for checked baggage and solve your problem accordingly. Send your problem to them, and they will send you a quick solution to your problem immediately. customer support are 24 hours and seven days a week available to assist and help you.

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