How Much Does AeroMexico Charge Per Bag?

It is always better to get familiar with the baggage fees before you book your flight. That is because some of the airlines have hidden fees that can catch you off guard, and it will take you in a situation where you have to pay the cash as on carry-on items. Other times the baggage fee is much clearer, and there is not any surprise.

Aeromexico baggage fees are pretty basic. When it comes to flight booking between Mexico and the US, it will allow one free carry-on bag, one free personal item, and if you are wondering how much does AeroMexico charges per bag? 

  1. Aeromexico charges $30 for the first checked bag. 
  2. And for the 2nd bag, $55 
  3. And 3rd and 4th bag: $180 ea. 
  4. For 5th and 6th: $200 ea. 

Many airlines have one standard size requirement for carry-on baggage and personal item. Still, the Aeromexico allows you to bring one bigger and heavier carry-on bag depending on your fare class. The baggage fees will allow different depending on the regions that you are flying to and from. Below we will break down all the additional weight and size requirements for the other classes. 

Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy

AeroMexico has a pretty clear policy in terms of baggage fees. AeroMexico Airlines baggage Policy, Will help you to inform you that if your route requires a baggage fee or not.  

  1. The first two bags are relatively basic, and you will save a considerable amount of money by paying at the time of the booking or rather than at the airport. 
  2. All the passengers can carry one bag and personal items, such as a handbag, laptop bag, or suitcase. Outer garments and assistive devices are not counted as personal items because this is not mentioned anywhere in the policy and the airline’s rules. 
  3. All the carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin under the plane’s seat in front of you. The passenger can carry the bags into the overhead compartment without any help. 
  4. Each passenger can carry one personal item in the cabin, such as a handbag, briefcase, and laptop case.
  5. Assistive gadgets like strollers and wheelchairs, and so on are not counted as personal items. The passenger can fit the bag in the seat below or the overhead bin. 
  6. Most of the airline has one size requirement of the bag for carry-ons. However, Aeromexico Airlines allows the passenger to carry on personal items depending on the flight ticket you have booked.

Restriction of the personal items should not exceed the following size and weight:

  1. For carry-on luggage, 115 centimeters or 45 inches with the maximum dimension is allowed. 
  2. 10 kg or 22Ib maximum weight is allowed as carry-on luggage. 

Lap-Little one carry-on policy: as per the Lap-Little one carry-on policy, stroller, including the diaper bag or bassinet two items, are permitted to bring without charges in a bit of lap carry-on. 

AeroMexico Airlines Stroller Check Policy: 

  1. Each customer is authorized for one stroller to be checked at the gate free of cost. 
  2. One additional bag of checked bag luggage, except the stroller or bassinet, is allied in international destinations, and it no longer exceeds the size of 50 pounds (23 kg) in weight or 45 inches (115 cm) in length.

If you are still in doubt about How much does AeroMexico Charge per bag? You can contact the customer service through AeroMexico Airlines Phone Number and talk to a representative and ask your doubt. The expert will ensure to help you by giving the right solution.You can also visit the website to learn about the Aeromexico Airlines baggage Policy. 

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