How many weeks pregnant can you fly KLM?

If you are over 36 weeks pregnant, you must avoid flying as the airline prohibits such passengers from flying. Also, after the delivery of your child, you must avoid flying until the baby is of one month.  

Pregnancy Policy of KLM Airlines

If you are traveling during pregnancy, you must go through the KLM airlines pregnancy policy. Follow the below guidance.

  • It is advised that if your pregnancy crosses 36 months, then you must avoid traveling. 
  • You must carry the required documents so that you can travel safely.
  • Do take vaccinations and precautions before traveling if you are pregnant. 
  • Stay hydrated during the trip so that you will not feel uneasy during the same. 
  • Wear layered clothes and comfortable footwear to mobilize well in the airport. 
  • For any special assistance, you can contact the customer service team of the airline so that you can get the required help from them for the issue you have with the airline.  
  • Book Isle seats to avoid bangs. Also, if your baby bump is carrying two babies and you need to maintain a good distance from the seat ahead, you can book bassinet seats with more space. You can close the bassinet and have the extra space that the seat has. 

What documents will you need to fly with KLM? 

Flying increases the lifetime risk of pregnant women. In such a case, you must go through the policies that shall help you with the process and enable you with various terms and conditions that you will require to travel. 

If you are pregnant, you must carry the following documents to the airport to board the flight and travel on the aircraft. The documents required are as follows:

  • Reports related to a number of pregnancies, whether it is single or multiple. 
  • Documents of risk-less pregnancy.
  • Estimated delivery date report. 
  • Medical certificate stating fitness of travel. 
  • Copy of hand-held maternity notes. 

If you have any other query regarding the same, you can choose to get through the airline's official website or contact them through the available contact modes. 

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