How Many Bags Can I Carry-On Copa?

  • Copa Airlines passengers are distinguished between several categories, so they must carry the luggage according to the guidelines and their limitations whose description is given below:
  • In the first instance, regular passengers or Copa Connect Miles members can carry up to 5 pieces of luggage in which the 1st suitcase is free of charge for carrying up to 23 kg and the other suitcases have a charge.
  • Likewise, ConnectMiles Prefer Member Silver passengers can carry 5 bags (one personal, one carry-on and 3 large), the first of which is also free and the others carry some charges.
  • On the other hand, ConnectMiles Prefer Member Presidential or Platinum and Gold and Star Alliance gold passengers can also carry 5 bags in which a briefcase and a carry-on bag are free and the other 3 do have to pay some amount.

What Is The Weight Limit Of Copa Airlines?

  • In Copa Airlines, the weight limit of the luggage depends on the class in which it is traveled and the category of the ticket that has been purchased, whose details are indicated below:
  • First of all, regular passengers or ConnectMiles members traveling in economy class can carry 5 bags of 23 kg each. However, Business Class passengers are allowed one 32kg carry-on and personal bag and one 23kg checked bag.
  • Similarly, ConnectMiles Prefer Member Silver passengers in economy class can carry 5 bags of 23 kg each and those in business class can carry 2 bags of 32 kg and one checked bag of 23 kg.
  • On the other hand, ConnectMiles Prefer Member Presidential, Platinum and Gold and Star Alliance economy class passengers can carry 5 bags of 23 kg and those in business class can carry 3 bags of 32 kg and one checked bag of 23 kg.
  • Apart from this, there are some limitations on all types of bags allowed whose dimensions and weight are indicated below:
  • In general, each checked bag must have 62 linear inches that is equivalent to 158 cm of height, weight and height.
  • On the other hand, checked luggage that exceeds this limit up to 159 cm or 63 inches, that bag would enter the category of excess baggage.
  • Baggage items have a maximum size of 115 inches or 294 cm so those items are not allowed to be carried on the flight as they will be carried by cargo.
  • Otherwise, bags weighing between 33 and 45 kg will be considered overweight and will cost approximately $200 each.
  • Finally, the luggage whose weight is between 159 cm to 294 cm, would be considered as the large bag and costs 150 usd for each item.

Does Copa Allow Free Hand Luggage?

  • Yes, Copa Aerolíneas allows free hand luggage to most passengers such as economy class passengers on classic and full tickets and business class passengers on promotional and full tickets on all types of tickets, whether regular, ConnectMiles Silver, Gold or Platinum and Star Alliance.
  • In addition, food and products purchased at the airport can be transported free of charge on the flight.
  • But there is a type of ticket that does not carry free hand luggage, for example: regular basic economy ticket passengers have to pay 40 dollars for 23 kgs of hand bag.

Does Copa Allow Carry-On Luggage And Personal Items?

  • According to the Copa Airlines baggage policy, the amount of carry-on baggage and personal items is not specified as it continues to change depending on the place you fly to and the class in which you travel. But to give you a general idea about this, some points are given below:
  • First of all, hand luggage is the bag that can easily fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat. Therefore, passengers can carry such an item, whose dimension must be 46 linear inches which could be 56cm high + 36cm long + 26cm wide and can include handles but not wheels.
  • In particular, Copa Airlines passengers can bring a personal item that must include a handbag, a backpack, a briefcase, a laptop bag, and the food or product purchased at the airport.
  • Also, passengers who fly with a baby and have purchased two seats, can bring a coat or jacket, some baby items such as a diaper bag or collapsible stroller, and some assistive devices such as a walker, orthopedic aid, a cane and crutches etc.
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