How do I submit a Covid test to American Airlines?

To safeguard the health and safety of the passengers, American Airlines has made it compulsory for passengers to furnish a covid negative report and vaccination documents. So How do I submit a covid test to American Airlines before boarding the scheduled flight A couple of ways are explained below through which you can upload the required documents of covid 19.

American Airlines app: 

 Every person traveling with American Airlines scheduled flight, whether domestic or International, has to obey the imposed restrictions and rules made by the US regarding Covid 19. Do the following to submit the documents through the app:

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Sign in to the account with email and password
  • Retrieve your complete booking detail
  • Find the ‘Get ready to fly’ option on the app
  • Upload the required covid documents of negative test results, digital vaccination report, and other certificates
  • Complete the form with all relevant details
  • Submit your covid test result and other requirements to American Airlines for safe travel.

It is pertinent to mention that you must be updated and carry the required documents according to the Covid rules of the country you are traveling to.

Through Verify: 

American Airlines has collaborated with an app called Verifly. If you are arriving or departing from the USA, this app will help you keep all the relevant details of covid 19 that will be required while traveling. You can download the app on your phone and keep complete covid test results and vaccination certificates together in one place to be shown as and when required during travel.

Benefits of downloading the apps:

  • You can avoid long queues at the airport to submit the required covid negative documents and vaccination certificates.
  • You can skip the rapid antigen test if you submit a covid negative report if the test is done within 72 hours before the scheduled flight.
  • You can expedite check-in at the airport.
  • You will have access to all the details on your phone, which can be used conveniently when needed.

For more information on updated Covid19 rules and regulations on American Airlines, kindly get in touch with customer service and know the necessary requirements for a safe and peaceful journey.


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