How do I get a refund from Scoot Airlines?

Are you looking to get a refund from Scoot? If yes, then the below-mentioned steps are best suited for you. Many customers are unaware of the ways to get a refund from Scoot. It is evident that customers cancel their flights and demand a refund. In the below-mentioned steps, we consider the varied ways to get refund and see the overview of the Scoot refund policies.

Different ways to get a refund from Scoot:

There are different ways to get a refund from Scoot, but it is essential to cancel the trip primarily for getting refunds. We will try to consider various refund proceedings ways of the airline: Go through the steps carefully:

Via website:

  1.  Visit the official website of Scoot airways
  2. As you get to the official page, you have to tap the option of "Manage my bookings".
  3. Fill up the booking details in this section like Booking Reference number, the passenger's surname, and others. Finally, tap "Continue."
  4. In this step, you get to see your booking and select the "Cancel" option.
  5. Click the option, and your flight gets cancelled according to the "scoot cancellation policy"(1(807) 698-0194). Now you can fill the Refund request form by providing the reason for flight cancellation.
  6. Click on the "Submit" button, and your refund request gets redirected to the management.

Via Customer service:

There are various customer service modes in which a person can ask for a refund from scoot airlines. Go through the below-mentioned portion carefully;


  1. Dial the "scoot airlines phone number" As you get connected, be ready to select the language of conversation.
  2. In this step, you get to hear the live instructions in the same language.
  3. Follow the live instructions regarding typing the keys.
  4. Wait until it gets redirected to the live person.

Live chat:

You can also conduct a "Live Chat" session by going through the official website of Scot airlines. As you connect to the official support page, you get to see the option of "Chat with us" click the option, and a live representative gets connected with you in minutes. After connecting to the representative, you can ask your queries regarding the refund.


Customers can also ask for a refund from the airline's management through email. For sending an email, you are just required to visit the official page of the website. In the "Contact Us" section, select the option of "Email us". Tap the option, and you get to see the mailbox in which you can write your queries regarding refunds and provide personal details in a given space.

Take a look at the Refund policies of Scoot airways:

In the below-mentioned pointers, e get to see the overview of the Scot airlines refund policies. Go through these carefully;

  1. As per the "Scoot cancellation policy" of 24 hours, those passengers who performed the ticket cancellation within the timeline of 24 hours will be liable to get a full refund.
  2. One thing that is important to consider is that scoot airlines don't allow refunds of tickets after the timeline of 24 hours.
  3. In some cases, Scoot provides special considerations regarding the cancellation of tickets after 24 hours.

As we see in the instructions mentioned above that "How do I get a refund from scoot"? If you have additional queries, then you can take the help of professionals through customer service.

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