How do I Find My JetBlue Confirmation Number?

When you made your ticket reservation with JetBlue, you want to know now where you can get the  confirmation number as it is needed if you want to get your reservation confirmation as well as complete your check-in process, there are various ways to find your confirmation number and one of them is you can look for that email that you received after you completed your reservation with the JetBlue and you can also find your JetBlue confirmation number on the ticket 

Where to Find the Confirmation Number if a Ticket is Missing?

There are times that you do not remember the location of the ticket since you kept it somewhere, and now you want to know a way to get your ticket for that, you have to know your confirmation number for that, you can follow the steps 

  • First, go to the website of JetBlue 
  • And then you have to click on my trips
  • Now you provide your PNR and last name
  • Then you have to submit it 
  • Now you have to click on that ticket booking of which you want to get your confirmation of 
  • Then after following on screen, you can get your ticket confirmation for your JetBlue reservation
  • You can use this to print your ticket, or you can select your seat using check-in if you haven't done so far 

Another Way to Find Out 

There is another way you can use to find out your ticket confirmation number, and for that, you have to make a call to the customer support of JetBlue after you connect to 8014492525, and you have to select a language and then ask the customer support they ask you your PNR and your last name you have to tell them that, and they can find your confirmation number 

Using the process, you can use to print your ticket with JetBlue if you were not able to find your confirmation number in your email or you had not received it earlier when you made your ticket booking with the JetBlue confirmation number necessary thing if you want to get your ticket at the airport

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