How do I change my name on Virgin Atlantic Flying Club?

If during the reservation process on Virgin Atlantic, the passenger’s name is entered with a few incorrect letters, the mistake can be rectified according to the name change policy and precise procedure given by Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic name change policy

  • The passenger’s name must be identical to the name on the passport and other documents used for verification.
  • The full name cannot be changed. Only a maximum up to three letters, including the first, middle, and last name, can be changed.
  • The tickets of Virgin Atlantic are non-transferable 
  • When more than three letters need to be changed, please contact Virgin Atlantic customer service.
  • No charges will be payable by passengers for name changes on a Virgin Atlantic ticket.
  • If the PNR remains the same, tickets will be reissued free of cost on the same PNR.
  • The name change will be according to the terms and conditions of Virgin Atlantic.

The process to Name Change on Virgin Atlantic

If you have booked the tickets directly from the Virgin Atlantic website or phone app, you can choose the ways elaborated below to change a few letters in the name:

Online process: on discovering the mistake in the spelling of your name on the ticket, you can immediately rectify it online with the following simple steps:

  • Reach the official website of Virgin Atlantic
  • Click on the “My Booking” tab on the homepage
  • Enter your booking reference and the first, and last name of the passenger
  • Retrieve the complete booking information
  • Select the name change option from the ticket modification list
  • Rectify the incorrect letters 
  • Enter the details of the support documents like passport or driving license for the verification purpose
  • Follow the other instructions to complete the online name change process.

Call for assistance: If there are more than three letters or there is some query on the change of incorrect name, you can call the customer service of Virgin Atlantic and request assistance for the name change. Call 0344 209 2279 and speak to a customer service person to resolve the issue.

How much does it cost to change a name on a Virgin flight?

A passenger does not require to pay the virgin Atlantic name change fee as the airline levies no cost on the name change assistance. 

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