How Can I Select My Seat on LOT Polish Airlines?

Being the oldest airline in Poland, LOT Polish Airlines knows how to provide comfort to its customers. If you have traveled with the airline before, you must be aware of the facilities it provides. You have the privilege to choose the seat on LOT Polish Airlines bookings. Moreover, you can change the seat allotted to you with the help of this article. But first, let's check how you can select a seat at LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT Polish Seat Selection 

You can select the seat at LOT Polish at the time of booking and after booking the ticket. Let's check the procedure of selecting your seat in LOT Polish Airlines.

1. At the time of booking: While booking your flight ticket, you have to provide the necessary details in the form. Further, you will find the Seat Selection option at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon and choose any seat you want according to your ticket type. Now you can finish the booking after making the payment.

2. After Booking: You can edit your LOT Polish ticket after the booking by following the steps below-

  1. Open the official website of LOT Polish Airlines first +1(209)789-0970
  2. Click on the Manage Booking option and enter your ticket number with your name.
  3. Select your booking and click on the Edit button to see the itinerary details.
  4. Choose the Seat Selection options and select the seat of your choice.
  5. Complete the process by clicking on the Save Changes button.

3. At the time of check-in: You can select your seat at the time of checking in. you need to enter your booking details and then select the seat in the Seat Selection option. After that, you can print your Boarding pass and enjoy the ride.

There are times when you don't select the seat till the end, but the airline allows you the randomly available seats at the time of check-in. In such cases, if you wonder how do I change my seat on LOT Polish Airlines, you can check the segment below.

How Can I Change the Seat at LOT Polish Airlines?

You can change the seat at LOT Polish Airlines in the Manage booking section and at the time of check-in. If you are not satisfied with the allotted seat by the airline, you can change it with the following steps

  1. Open the Manage Booking/Check-In section from the homepage of LOT.
  2. Enter your flight details to see your booking with LOT Polish Airlines.
  3. Now, click on the View Itinerary Details option to check your seat.
  4. Click on the Change option just below the allotted seat and make the changes.
  5. You may need to pay some amount if you have chosen the Preferred Seat and then click on Save Changes.
  6. You will get the revised ticket from LOT in your email

So, that's all about selecting and booking a seat with LOT Polish Airlines. If you want to know more about the LOT Polish Airlines seat selection process, you can contact the airline's customer service. You will find the contact details on the Help Center page of the airline.

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